You Need More Than Quality Hair Products For Healthy Hair

September 5, 2008 by  

If you watch shampoo commercials they make you believe that their product can make you have the most beautiful hair if you only use their brand. Of course quality hair products can help you have healthy hair but that is only part of the picture. If you have healthy hair and use styling tools, which are not good for its health, the quality products you use become useless.


Tourmaline hair dryers use gemstones rich in negative ions to not blow your hair dry with just air but break the water down to remove the moisture from your hair. These ions also bind with the positive ions in your hair to neutralize frizz and help lock in moisture.


Ceramic hair straighteners and curling irons are much better for styling your hair than inexpensive hair tools. The cheaper models usually do not have variable temperature settings and the have hot spots which can damage your hair when it is exposed to them. While ceramic heats up evenly providing and has a smooth surface so that the strands of your hair can glide smoothly through the plates and be exposed to one constant temperature. This will help your hair be more healthy and radiant especially when combined with quality hair products.