The Most Important Tool For Hair

September 25, 2011 by  

When you visit your hairstylist, you may talk about gossip in town or what kind of styles are hot in Hollywood. But have you ever asked her what the most important part about styling hair is? If you haven’t ever asked, think about what your hair would look like if it didn’t get a regular trim. Hair shears are so important when it comes to good grooming for your mane.

Whether you cut your hair at home or go to a salon for a haircut, shears are what make the cut possible. What is more important about these tools is knowing what type to use. Cutting hair isn’t just a second nature deal for everyone- it takes lots of work and practice and the right tools. One of the best types of shears to use is a pair of basic grooming shears. This is the essential tool for those looking to just trim off split ends. After mastering the proper technique for using these kinds of shears, it’s a basic job that anyone can perform.

Another great kind of trimmer for your locks is the razor shears. You can create multiple lengths and decrease the amount of bulk in your hair at the same time. The razor shears are great for those needing layers. They really do a great job of creating a light, feathery look. Not to mention after using them, you feel like you can finally run your fingers through your hair and feel the difference. Short hair looks the best when you use razor shears because most people with short hair are looking for a stacked look in the back, which can easily be created with this tool.

If you are in need of thin hair, your perfect shears are the thinning shears. These are very similar to the razor shears because they gets rid of the extra “baggage” in certain areas of the hair. The difference between the two types of shears is that the thinning shears strictly do one job: thin your hair, while razor shears create layers. The length of your hair will stay the same if you only use thinning shears. You will feel some texture in your hair and that texture is one word: soft. Thinning shears are perfect for thick hair because those with thick hair are known to have a harder time styling since they have so much hair. With thinning shears, the job becomes much easier.

After getting a basic haircut, you may want to think about how important it is for your hairdresser to be using the right kind of shear for your type of hair. When it comes to style, the hair must hold character and what better to do this than to take advantage of hair shears.