Barrel Business – Choosing the right size Curling Iron

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Do you crave the tight curls that Sarah Jessica Parker has? Or maybe you’ve always had your eye on Cindy Crawford’s waves? It seems that no matter what you have, you want something else when it comes to your hair. Fortunately there are a whole host of tools available to help you achieve the look that you crave.

 When it comes to curls, you don’t have to relegate yourself to flipping through magazines longing for beautiful fullness. Now, you can have those curves that you crave even if you were born with bone straight hair. The key to luscious curls is the right curling iron.

 So you’re ready to make the investment in a curling iron, you get your wallet out ready to make the purchase and then something stops you. What is it? The incredible range of curling iron barrel sizes has you completely overwhelmed and confused. How do you decide which barrel size is right for you?

 Do you want tight ringlet curls? Or maybe it’s loose sexy waves? Maybe you just want to tame your own naturally wavy hair and give it shape? Or just turn under or flip out the ends of your hair? It can be extremely overwhelming to choose the curling iron that you will create the style that you want. So once you decide what look you are trying to achieve with your curling iron, you can narrow down the barrel size that you’re looking for.

 Curling irons come in a wide range of sizes from as small as 3/8” to large barrels that are 2” in diameter and everywhere in between. Each barrel size has its purpose but that doesn’t mean that each of them will work for you and your hair.

 If you have short hair, or are looking to create very tight spirals, or curl wisps and tendrils, you will want a smaller barreled curling iron. Something around 3/8” is a good choice for you.

 If your hair is medium length or you are looking for spirals or ringlets, a slightly larger barrel is perfect for what you need. Something about 5/8” would be a good choice.

  A curling iron anywhere between ¾” and 1” is a good choice for medium to long hair lengths if you are looking for something to flip out your hair, or curl ends in. This size of iron will also create beautiful curls for almost any hair type.

 Curling irons that are 1-1/4” to 1- ½” are the best irons if you’re looking for loose sexy curls. These irons are perfect for long hair and will create a great deal of lift and waves. The largest barrel available is the 2” size which is the ultimate iron for extra large waves on long hair.

 It may be difficult to narrow down which size of curling iron you really need. If you can’t decide on just one size, why not go for two? It is absolutely impossible to create the same style with a 3/8” size barrel as with a 2” barrel. So if you’re hoping to achieve those two very different styles, you should splurge on two separate curling irons so you aren’t disappointed with the results. After all, a well equipped hair styling tool box, means beautiful hair for you!

Using the Right Wattage Hair Dryer

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Most women know about choosing the right temperature setting on their curling iron or hair straightener for their hair type to get the best results. Many do not know they should also choose their hair dryer based on wattage for the same reason. Of course poorly made hair dryers do not have the higher wattage capability as the professional hair dryers have built in.

For those with fine or damaged hair a hair dryer of 1,200 to 1,500 watts is the best for getting the hair dry quickly and efficiently. This means that if your hair is in this category you will not need a dryer that is stout and robust, as other hair types need.

While those with very thick or wavy hair type will need a hair dryer with more power, so for these hair types a unit with a minimum of 1,800 watts will be needed to properly dry hair like this.

If your hair is somewhere in between, than a dryer in the middle ranges of these two wattage ratings extremes will be suitable to get the hair dry.

Having the right amount of power behind your hair dryer is essential to not only dry your hair quickly but to keep it at its absolute healthiest. This will help you get ready quicker and make styling your hair so much simpler.

Shopping For Just the Right Curling Iron

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There are so many types of curling irons available it can be confusing when you head out to buy one which one is best for you, your needs, and your wallet. Of course it is tempting for some women to buy a low cost drugstore curing iron, but in the long run this is never a good idea for your hair. These irons do not last as long and are not as good for your hair as the better professional based models you will find at beauty supply dealers.

Once you make the decision to purchase a professional curling iron then you need to consider what size of barrel and what features you want the curling iron to have. Of course you really cannot go wrong with the choice between a ceramic, ionic, and even a tourmaline curling iron. All of these irons are designed to help keep your hair healthy no matter how often you use them to style your hair. The bigger decision for many women will be the size of the barrel they want to purchase. Smaller barrels make smaller tighter curls while larger barrels make more wavy hair with big loose curls. For many a barrel size in the middle of the road will work out great while others want a couple of barrel sizes to get different looks and have some fun with their hairstyle.

Getting That Tousled Long Hair Look

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One of the latest fashion trends for hair involves laid back wavy hair very similar to the classic beach look that comes natural to some lucky women. This look can be easily attended by most anyone though with a simple hair curling iron. It is best to use quality hair curling irons such as a ionic or ceramic based models which are so much better for your hair than the cheaply made drugstore models which have your hair against bare metal to curl the strands.

It is tempting to try and curl all of your hair to get this look and then hope you can mess it up enough to make it look natural. This is not the best way to get these carefree curls though. Use your curling iron to curl only random pieces of hair about two inches up from the bottom of the hair and stopping about eye level. These randomly created curls on only part of your head will give not only body but also the messy casual appearance that so many women want to achieve. This is one easy to get hairstyle that you will love to use your curling iron to create not only for work but also for a great night out.

Embrace Those Natural Wavy Curls

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Women who have naturally wavy hair are starting to see that maybe using a hair straightening iron to get rid of those beautiful wavy curls may actually be a mistake. Many stars are now sporting loose wavy curls showing women just how sexy this can be. Save time in your day by getting rid of those hair straighteners and embracing those natural curls for a sexy natural look. If you were born with straight locks you can get on the loose curl trend by adding some with a large barreled curling iron, a large brush, and a little bit of spritz.

Fun Ponytails for Women

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Ponytails can be flirty and fun plus as an added bonus they work great with straight or wavy hair. Use a curling iron to create gorgeous waves to give your ponytail great body and volume. Or use a ceramic hair straightener to make your hair sleek and then create a shiny sexy ponytail. These are fun and flirty styles which can make the time you need in front of the mirror to get ready so much less are perfect for a day of shopping or a night on the town.

Using the Right Curling Iron Size

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Many times I hear women ask what size of barrel they should get on their curling iron, as they get confused as to which is the best one. Really there is no best one for most hair, it is a matter of what do you want to do with your curling iron. Larger barrels on a curling iron will yield more of a wavy appearance in the hair. While the smaller barrels give the hair tighter curls. If you know you want really loose or really tight curls then you will want these barrel types. A good middle of the road barrel would be a 1 inch curling iron if you only want to own one and you need it to be slightly versatile.

Getting That Hair You Truly Want

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Like it or not everyone is born with either straight or curly hair, and of course it seems every woman wants the one she was not born with. This is only natural to want a look that is not what you are used to and luckily there are some great styling products and tools to go from one extreme to another with absolute ease and without damaging your hair if done correctly.

For those with naturally curly or wavy hair there is hair straightening irons to smooth out those locks and give you sleek luxurious tresses. There are many professional hair straighteners available to get even the curliest hair straight and smooth without damaging your hair. Though it is very important to make sure you get truly professional hair irons as the cheap drugstore brands will dry out and damage your hair increase the frizz factor.

For those with straight hair they cannot seem to do anything with but leave it laying limp and boring on their head there is all sorts of curling irons in many sizes. By varying the size of the barrel you can do anything from large waves to many tight curls all by simply applying just a little heat to your locks.

Are hair extensions good for my hair?

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hair-extensions-look-of-love.jpgWe all have different types of hair, and in some instances I am sure that some methods are going to do more damage than good. Always find out if the stylist doing your hair is a good one. Word of mouth, before and after photos, and simply just setting aside an hour or two to watch a stylist at work can help ease your mind. You must not jump into this without research. A well trained hairstylist can apply hair extensions correctly so it is painless and does not damage your hair in about  4 to 7 hours. The main reason for getting hair extensions is to add length to your hairstyle, although they can be used to thicken or add highlights. The clip in hair extensions you can do yourself and are the cheapest. Here are some of the different looks you can achieve:

clip-hair-1.gif HairDo clip in 10″ straight hair extension $ 76.95

clip-hair-2.gif HairDo clip in 15″ wavy hair, $ 76.95

clip-hair-3.gif HairDo clip in 22″ straight hair $ 86.95

clip-hair-4.gif HairDo clip in 23″ wavy hair extension $ 86.95

clip-hair-5.gif HairDo clip in 18″ wavy hair extension $ 81.95

clip-hair-6.gif HairDo clip on 18″ straight layered hair extension $ 81.95

If Jessica Simpson can put them in herself, I am sure you could too, plus you can’t go wrong with these prices. Till next time, Good Luck,


Curling & Straightening with a Flat Iron

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If you like to go back and forth between straight hair and wavy or curly hair you may be surprised to know that the only professional hair styling tool you need is a hair straightening iron. Most women think you have to have a curling iron and a flat iron if you want to achieve these looks, but with a professional flat iron and little practice you can achieve any of them very easily with just the flat iron.

The main difference in these looks is how you glide the hair iron through your hair. With all of the styles you start at the root of your hair and glide the ceramic hair iron slowly to the tip. Of course for straight hair you smoothly and slowly glide straight down the strands of hair. But for curly or wavy hair instead of gliding smoothly down the length of the hair you use a twist. This twisting motion will add a little bit of body to the curl, and the more you turn your wrist the more the curl will be pronounced in your hairs appearance.

Of course this sounds easy, and really it is. But as with most things you may not get it on the first try. Just keep practicing with your hair staightening iron and soon your friends will think you are spending a fortune at the salon.

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