Curly Hair Like Beyonce

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Everyone loves the curls that Beyonce has made her trademark hairstyle as she looks so great in them. We all can’t be Beyonce but we can use a 1 inch curling iron or larger to create those beautiful wavy curls in our hair to get that bouncy full volume style. The curls should only run from about the ear down to the tip, and not on the top of your hair. Also the curls need to be created with the curling iron randomly and not in a uniform way to create that carefree style that Beyonce wears so well.

Curls Are Back In Style

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For quite some time now long straight hair has been the hairstyle of choice for most women who love to follow the fashion trends. But now curly hair is making a comeback as the in style with gorgeous wavy curls coming in varying shapes to give the hair a sassy carefree look. While a hair straightening iron can be used in a pinch to get some curl into your hair, a professional curling iron is really the best hair tool for the job.

To get these hot wavy curls that every woman is eyeing this fall you will need a 1 inch curling iron or larger. This is big enough to create wavy curls and if placed randomly in the hair will create that beach look that is so in right now. Of course you do not have to have long hair to create this look, to some degree this can be accomplished in short hair as well. The trick is to create curl sparingly and make them random throughout the hair. Keeping it loose will give the appearance of carefree bouncy hair perfect for at the office or even on the town.

Embrace Those Natural Wavy Curls

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Women who have naturally wavy hair are starting to see that maybe using a hair straightening iron to get rid of those beautiful wavy curls may actually be a mistake. Many stars are now sporting loose wavy curls showing women just how sexy this can be. Save time in your day by getting rid of those hair straighteners and embracing those natural curls for a sexy natural look. If you were born with straight locks you can get on the loose curl trend by adding some with a large barreled curling iron, a large brush, and a little bit of spritz.

Getting Big Wavy Curls in Your Hair

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Right now large tousled wavy curls are very in and a hot look for women of all ages. To get this look all you need is a large barreled curling iron and brush plus a little styling spray to keep it in place once you are done. Make sure you do not start styling your hair until it is completely dry to prevent any possible damage. Wrap your hair around the large barrel, preferably a 1 inch curling iron or larger, for about 10 seconds per two inch strand. By applying the heat in small amounts it only allows the hair to partially curl thus leaving large wavy curls.

Curl is Back in Fashion

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Those with naturally curly hair have been rejoicing, it seems having loose wavy curls is making a fashion comeback. So that means it is time to lay down those hair straightening irons (though not too far that look is still hot too), and pick up your hair curling irons. I know everyone tells you that you can create gorgeous wavy curls in your hair with that flat iron, but for truly beautiful curl without taking the time to master the flat iron, you will have much better luck with professional quality curling irons.

By going with the curling iron that creates the curl size you want you will have much more control over the final size of the curl you end up with. This will also translate into more uniform curls since the curling iron is one size. With the flat iron the curl amount depends on the amount you twist the iron as you go down your hair. Also using a curling iron for waves is much easier since you only need to wrap the hair around the barrel and wait a few seconds as opposed to the twisting and sliding motion that the flat iron requires. Curling irons are simple to use and every woman should have one or two sizes around at any time to get some style into their hair.

Using Wet to Dry Hair Straighteners

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For many girls the wet to dry hair straightening iron is a really confusing tool since we have always been told that applying heat directly to wet hair will damage it. What is a girl to do if she wants straight hair but is short on time? Blow-drying hair completely can really take awhile, especially if you have very thick hair, and then spending time using a hair straightening tool and you are spending a lot of time getting ready. But with a professional wet to dry hair iron you can actually skip the step of blow-drying and go directly into straightening with only a towel dry.

Wet to dry hair straighteners are designed with special air vents, which allow the moisture to escape as opposed to it being stuck inside the hair iron with your hair causing unneeded damage that could take time to repair. A wet dry hair iron is the best professional styling tool available for a woman who wants to look her best, but is limited on time to make that happen. Not only can these tools straighten your hair as they dry it, with a little practice can also be used to put beautiful wavy curls in your hair when you want to sport a different look for a special occasion.

How to Style Hair – Quick & Easy Hair

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Some of us are very busy, we don’t have the time to wash, dry and style without getting up at 5am to get to work by 9am. Here are some easy hair styling tips to let you sleep in a little longer.


Apply styling foam and blow dry with a round brush. Appy a small amount of hair wax and use fingers to style.

It’s the short female business do and is popular with very dominant women. It’s a short hairstyle that shows the world you are a female and are in control.


Apply styling foam, blow dry for a few minutes leaving the hair still damp. Apply hair wax and style using fingers, twisting and styling however you like. This is also an easy hair style to wear without the blowdrying.


Apply mousse for waves and blowdry upside down scrunching your hair while drying it. Flip your head up and spray with a setting spray.

Perms are out, but one trend that is the hottest in salons is salt spraying. Don’t wash the hair everyday as dirty hair is easier to manage. Get the hair damp and use salt water in a spray to bring out the wavy curls. Since most hair has some sort of natural wave, the sea salt will bring this out and magnify it. Easy hair is all in what you feel comfortable with.If you do have time use a hair straightener, the temperatures do get hot enough to ensure a quick styling.

Till next time Good Luck


Getting Wavy Hair with a Hair Straightening Tool

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Everyone knows the best way to get straight luxurious hair if you were not born with it is by using a hair straightening tool. But did you know that same tool could be used to give you gorgeous wavy curls just as easily as it can produce straight hair?  You can make curls and waves with any hair-straightening tool, but it is easier to accomplish a nice curl when you use a hair iron that has a slight curve on the edges of the ceramic plates of the flat iron.

To curl your hair with your professional hair iron divide the hair into small sections so you can curl small areas at a time. Begin at the root of each section of hair and use the flat iron horizontally on the section of hair. Slowly move the hair straightening tool from the root to the top flipping the iron 180 degrees every little bit. By flipping the iron as you go down the section you will create small subtle waves in your hair. You will need to take your time and go slowly on each strand of hair to ensure the heat has the opportunity to take to the hair and create the waves. Once you get the hang of it you will have a hard time deciding between the straight hair look and the wavy hair look when you head out for the evening.