Blow Me Over: Understanding Hair Dryers

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Most women (and some men) have a blow dryer in their bathroom. It’s one of those tools appliances that most people tend to take for granted. Everyday, you get out of the shower, your hair sopping wet and start blowing it dry.  But have you ever thought about your blow dryer and questioned whether you have the right one for your needs? Not many people do.


Because your blow dryer is one of the most frequently used hair tools you have. You owe it to yourself, and your hair, to give it a little bit of thought. Choosing the correct blow dryer will help you create the beautiful hair styles that you crave. But you have to do your research and find the right dryer for your needs.


So where do you begin? If you’re like most people, you haven’t given your blow dryer much consideration. Maybe you chose the dryer that was on sale, or the smallest one to fit in your drawer. Or maybe you have the same old hair dryer that you’ve had since you were in high school! However you chose your hair dryer, it’s time for you to start choosing for the all right reasons.


The first thing that you need to understand is wattage. Each blow dryer has a certain wattage which determines how strong it is and ultimately how much heat it puts out. If you are the type of person who is always in a hurry and you want to get your hair dry in a hurry, you will want a dryer with 2000 watts or higher. Going with something slightly less powerful, such as an 1800 watt dryer, will also get the job done in a reasonable time. If you have short or fine hair that doesn’t take long to dry, maybe wattage isn’t a big factor. However if you have long thick hair, this should be an important factor for you.


If it’s possible you should try out a hair dryer before you buy it. It isn’t always possible to try them before buying, but if it is, try to take advantage of it. It’s good to get a feel for the weight of a dryer, and how easy it is to maneuver and if the cord gets wrapped up and in your way. These details may seem small, but if you are making an investment, these are the little things that will make the difference.


You may think that hair dryers damage your hair because of the intense heat that they use, but this doesn’t have to be true. There are now negative ion dryers that utilize ionic technology. These dryers blow negative ions over the hair which not only dries your hair in half the time as a conventional dryer, but also help to keep your hair looking soft, shiny and healthy. Negative ion energy actually works by closing the hair shaft which protects the hair resulting in healthy, healthier hair.


Some people like to choose blow dryers that come with a great deal of attachments. For some – more is better. Be sure that whatever attachments a hair dryer comes with, they are useful for your type of hair. You will want a nozzle on your dryer as you can get a bit closer to your hair without damaging it. Some dryers come with a diffuser attachment. This type of attachment is great for professional hair stylists, or people with curly hair that need a diffused heat to dry their hair.


Ultimately when you choose a hair dryer, price will also be an issue for many people. However, when it comes to an investment that will last you for years remember that a quality dryer will save you time and money in the long run, not to mention that a quality dryer will protect the health of your hair as well!

Karmin Ionic Hair Dryers

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Karmin is one of the leading makers of hair tools and their Turbo Ionic Hair Dryer is no different. This dryer is designed for the professional but anyone who wants salon results at home will want to give this dryer a serious look over. This powerful dryer uses 1800 watts to blow heat across the ceramic coils and with the ionic technology it will dry your hair faster than any other dryer on the market. If you have not looked at the new professional blow dryers in a long time you will be surprised at how far they have come and yet are still affordable.

Using the Right Wattage Hair Dryer

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Most women know about choosing the right temperature setting on their curling iron or hair straightener for their hair type to get the best results. Many do not know they should also choose their hair dryer based on wattage for the same reason. Of course poorly made hair dryers do not have the higher wattage capability as the professional hair dryers have built in.

For those with fine or damaged hair a hair dryer of 1,200 to 1,500 watts is the best for getting the hair dry quickly and efficiently. This means that if your hair is in this category you will not need a dryer that is stout and robust, as other hair types need.

While those with very thick or wavy hair type will need a hair dryer with more power, so for these hair types a unit with a minimum of 1,800 watts will be needed to properly dry hair like this.

If your hair is somewhere in between, than a dryer in the middle ranges of these two wattage ratings extremes will be suitable to get the hair dry.

Having the right amount of power behind your hair dryer is essential to not only dry your hair quickly but to keep it at its absolute healthiest. This will help you get ready quicker and make styling your hair so much simpler.

Buying A Hair Dryer With Enough Wattage

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When you are shopping for a new hair dryer one of the things you should look other than ionic or tourmaline technology is the wattage rating for the unit. Professional hair dryers use 1500 to 1800 watts to dry hair quickly and efficiently. Cheaply made blow dryers have less wattage behind them and this allows the cuticles to curl up while you are drying resulting in frizzy hair that does not look nearly as good. Starting your hairstyle off with a proper dry can make the difference in looking your best or not.