Taming Unruly Hair

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Styling shorter hair can sometimes be a little tough, little pieces are more likely to stick out and get unruly when your hair is shorter. One way to tame these unruly locks is to run a hair styling iron over your hair and get the cowlicks and other unruly pieces under control. These irons will heat up quickly and with a simple glides down the hair will remove the pieces, which are determined to give you a bad hair day. Whether you have short or long hair these hair irons are a great way to get your hair under control on days it has a mind of its own.

Straightening Hair With A Blow Dryer

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In a pinch any hair blow dryer and a brush can be used to straighten slightly unruly hair, though this takes a little practice to master and it is not nearly as effective as a hair straightening iron. With your hair wet divide it into many easy to manage areas to work with. Take each section at a time, and put tension on the hair to make it taut while you blow the hair dry from the root to the tip. Dry both the underneath as well as the top this way and once that part is straightened and dry move on to the next section.

Taming Your Unruly Curly Hair With A Curling Iron

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Sometimes women with naturally curly hair have unruly hard to manage curls. These unmanageable locks can be even harder to manage than those of someone with straight hair since curls can be so much harder to work with. For those bad hair days with naturally curly hair you need to reach for a large barrel curling iron to tame those tresses. This may not be a natural reaction since you are wanting to tame those curls and get some kink out so it may seem a little odd to use a curling iron to put more curl in.

By using a curling iron on your unruly hair you are actually just using the heat and the large barrel to reshape your hair into its own natural state. The strands, which are either over-curling or straightening out are curled to one uniform size with the large barrel on the curling iron. It is also very important that the curling iron you are using is hot enough to be effective on your hair. If not enough heat is used then the curling will not effectively tame those unruly curls and get you looking good again.

The Highly Versatile Hair Straightening Tool

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The most versatile tool a woman can include in her hair styling arsenal is a ceramic hair straightener. These hair tools are perfect for taming unruly hair, creating smooth hair, and even putting some curl and waves into your hairdo. Ceramic hair straighteners are fairly inexpensive and by purchasing this handy tool you can save yourself some money by not having to buy a curling iron as well since straighteners can also curl hair with a little time and practice. This will also keep your vanity from becoming cluttered with hair styling tools so you will have room to work and for other things you may need.

Preventing Split Ends With A Professional Hair Dryer

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Nothing can make a good hairstyle look bad quite like split ends which will cause excess fraying and unruly hair. One of the causes of split ends is over drying with a cheap drugstore blow dryer. Professional hair dryers may cost more than those cheap versions, but the way they take better care of your hair makes them worth every penny in the long run. These blow dryers can effectively dry your hair day after day without damaging and creating split ends which will make your hairstyles look bad. Plus they will also last much longer than those cheap dryers since they are designed to withstand heavier than normal usage.