Red Carpet Styling

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Looking at your favorite stars on TV seems to attract your attention to hairstyles more than reading a magazine. For example, seeing Kate Winslet’s soft tresses or Jennifer Anniston’s sleek and straight look on the red carpet makes you want to get up and style your own hair just like theirs. There are so many stars on the red carpet who have a variety of looks, but one thing is in common and that is the way the celebs got their look.

Although the red carpet has so many looks, they are all achieved by one common source: heat. Whether it is by a straightener or a curling iron, the stars of Hollywood always look flawless on the red carpet and now you can too. The process for celebrity styling can be very complex but with these few simplified steps, you can accomplish the perfect look for all your nights out.

One of the best parts about styling hair for a big event is that you can use your hair straightener to create so many styles. Not many people know about the versatile functions of a hair  straightener, but when you put this tool to work there are so many things it can accomplish. Going for a polished look is one option, which you can create by simply running a straightener through your hair in a matter of ten or fifteen minutes. Start with your heat protectant spray and begin straightening with an iron. The size will vary based on the type of hair you have. For thick and curly hair, 3-inch wide plates are advised and for thin hair, 1-inch plates are best. Another tip to remember is to run the straightener vertically through your hair to give it a smoother look.

If you are looking to get soft waves, you can easily create just that with a hair straightener. It’s almost identical to the process of straightening your hair, which makes the process even simpler for the stylist. The best way to create curls is to start at the crown of the hair and clamp down. Next while the plates are closed, turn the iron in one full circle and then begin running it down your hair just like you would if you were straightening. There is no standing and waiting with a curling iron in your hair if you use a hair straightener. This process is so efficient when you are short on time as well. Finish off your curls with a fresh spritz of root lifter spray and a quick run through with your fingers to loosen the curls slightly.

Red carpet hairstyles may look impossible to achieve when you see your favorite stars with ridiculously beautiful styles. However, after following the steps above, you will realize how easy it can be to create the exact same looks without spending a fortune on a stylist or a Hollywood curling iron or straightener. Get started making your hair red carpet worthy for your perfect night on the town!

Getting the Right Temperature on Your Hair Iron For You

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One mistake so many women make when they begin using a hair iron to straighten their hair is to turn the temperature setting on the iron to its maximum level. Many feel that the higher the heat the more effective the iron will be. To some degree this is true but that is not the only thing you need to consider when setting the heat on your variable temperature hair iron such as the Babyliss pro flat iron.

Some hair irons have an upper limit of approximately 200 degrees while others may go all the way up to the area of 400 degrees. Yes, the higher the temperature setting the better job the iron will do straightening your hair and the longer that style will stay locked into your tresses. But for those with damaged or thin hair this high temperature can be devastating to the health of your hair and cause excessive damage. Most women should consider setting the temperature of the iron in the mid to low levels and use them at this setting. With time and experience with your hair iron you will learn your hairstyle and know whether this is effective for you. If it is not than you can start moving the temperature setting up a little at a time until you find the optimal one for you.

Getting Great Cuts For Thick Hair

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Women who have thin hair look at those with thick tresses and wish they had hair like that, but those with that really thick hair sometimes struggle to get good looks with so much hair to work with. To those with thin hair it may sound amazing but too much hair can actually be hard to style and weigh itself down so you do not look your best.

Of course for women who have this problem the solution is very simple and that it thinning. For these women a pair of hair thinning shears in the hands of a skilled stylist can mean getting the easy to manage looks that will have them appearing their absolute best. Thinning shears are specially designed to remove only some of the hair with each cut to do exactly as the name applies, to thin the hair out. This means there will be less hair weighing down the style that will result in more volume even though that sounds like it should be totally opposite. A good thinning can make the style of women with really thick hair pop so that it can looks its best and a stylist with thinning shears can make this happen for a great look.

Keeping Your Hair Straight After Using A Flat Iron

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Some women use their hair straightening iron perfectly and get those sleek tresses that are so popular right now on the red carpet. But for some their hair does not remain straight and they cannot figure out how to keep those waves or curls from returning before their day is done. Usually this is caused by extra heat and humidity in the air caused by the weather. But there are a few steps you can take to keep that hair straight and looking its best.

Use your blow dryer before you begin using your flat iron even if it is already dry, and try straightening your hair at a higher temperature setting with your professional flat iron. Also use products specially designed for straight hair and use a flexible hold spray to hold it in place once you remove those curls. And of course if you live somewhere where the humidity is especially high than use a shine serum to help battle the extra moisture in the air and keep those locks straight and beautiful all day long. These tips should help you look your best with this great hairstyle that so many women want to have.

Avoiding Hair Damage In Your Hair Products

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Many women blame their styling and hair care tools for damaged and even thinning hair when actually they may be blaming the wrong source. Many styling shampoos and styling products contain chemicals, which can not only dry out your hair but also interfere with the overall health of your tresses. If you think your hair styling tools are causing the damage to your hair you should also consider those shampoos and products you are using. Be on the look out for those that contain alcohol as well as any other chemicals, which will ultimately dry that hair out.

A New Look At Professional Hair Dryers

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Using an old coil based hair dryer on your hair will rob it of its own natural moisture that is essential to the health and vitality of your tresses. Of course if it has been awhile since you have looked into hair dryers you may be surprised to learn that newer dryers will not only not damage your hair, but will also make it healthier with the new technology advances which have occurred.

Professional hair dryers now use other ways to dry your hair other than blowing air over warm coils. Ionic dryers now infuse your locks with negative ions, which will break the water molecule down as opposed to just blowing it away with hot air. These negative ions penetrate your hair and will not only break down those water molecules they will also hydrate it from the inside out. This will result in hair that is not just healthier, but it will be more vibrant and have more body as well. The proper moisture in your hair can be the difference in getting the look you want and avoiding those frizzes that drive every woman crazy. Though these ionic hair dryers may cost a little more they are worth every penny.

Are Blow Dryers Bad For Your Hair?

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There is always a debate raging on whether the use of hair dryers is bad for your hair or not among the stylists and women who use them. But the debate never tackles the question of whether they can be good for your hair. Of course in the past there really was nothing to debate, hair dryers were really good at drying your hair out completely! But that was then and this is now. Of course those old dryers that blow air over heated coils are still bad for your hair, but modern hair dryers are not and some of the latest models can actually be good for your hair.

Ceramic hair dryers were a major step in women being able to dry their hair without actually drying out your locks and damaging them to the point of unhealthy hair. These dryers do not just use hot air to dry out those locks but use negative ions to remove that moisture in a positive way. While the latest ionic hairdryers not only dry your hair without drying it out, they use ionic technology to break the water down instead of hot air to blow it away. Plus they will infuse your hair with those negative ions leaving it potentially healthier than before you started drying your tresses.

Benefits of Titanium Hair Straighteners

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A titanium hair straightener is the absolute best method for getting those curls out to get that sleek shiny straight hair that so many women want right now. Chemical straighteners do last much longer than just using hair irons everyday in front of the mirror, but do we really want to subject out hair to more chemicals? A titanium hair straightener with its ultra smooth plates will effectively straighten hair daily and will not damage the hair nearly as much as the chemical treatments they give you at the salon. Plus this way you will have the option each day on whether you want your naturally curly hair or runway smooth tresses.

Using Your Hair Dryer To Style Your Hair

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Many women feel that their hair dryer is strictly for drying their hair, and forget that it can be a primary styling tool as well. Once your hair is dry a soft bristled round brush and an ionic hair dryer can make a great duo for creating volume in your hair. You can easily use the dryer and the brush to comb to flip the ends of your hair and add some bounce and spring to your hairstyle. Also applying the heat from the dryer while combing by your roots will create more lift and volume to your tresses than you may have had before. Do not be afraid to play around and see what kind of looks you can get with your hair dryer.

Using Wet Dry Hair Irons

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Most girls have a hair styling horror story where they skipped they may not have gotten their hair completely dry, or flat out skipped drying it, and the styling iron scorched their locks leaving them damaged to some degree. We all have so many things going that it is hard to not want to skip some steps in the process to look good. Luckily drying your hair completely before straightening your hair is now something you can skip in the morning when you are running behind. The makers of some of the top professional hair styling tools have now come up with thermal hair straighteners, which can be used, on damp hair without the scorching effects that come with a regular hair straightening iron.

These irons are touted as wet to dry but you need to make sure your hair is not soaking wet when you start to use it. Generally towel drying by blotting the hair until water can no longer be wrung out will be sufficient before beginning to use the wet to dry hair irons that are available. These hair straighteners have special vents built in which get the moisture from the water in your locks away from your hair while they straighten. Making them very effective for both getting your tresses both dry and straight for a great hairstyle.

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