A Travel Hair Dryer That Really Works

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The problem with many travel hair dryers is they are too small and not really effective at getting your hair dry. What they lose in size they also seem to lose in power and capability to dry your hair. The T3 travel dryer does not lose any of its power in order to become small enough to fit easily into a suitcase. This small dryer uses the same ceramic heaters and ionic technology that larger professional hair dryers use but in a small effective package. This is the perfect hair dryer for someone who travels frequently and needs to look their best while they are away.

Look Beautiful Anywhere in the World

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Heading out for a holiday or a business trip can be exciting, overwhelming and sometimes just plain daunting. No matter where you are going, you will no doubt have a million things to think about. What to pack, flight arrangements to make, where you will be staying. Just to name a few. The last thing that you should have to think about is how you will be styling your hair while you are away from home.  No matter where you are in the world, you should be able to look fabulous right? So when it comes to packing, make sure you have room for your essential hair styling tools.


If you’re like me, you may have been tempted from time to time to leave your hair dryer at home because, “The hotel will have one.” And yes, the hotel will have one. But what type of hair dryer, do you really think the hotel will have? Is it going to be a top notch, high quality ionic hair dryer that will dry your hair in half the time without any damage? Not likely. If a hotel has to provide hundreds of hair dryers in each and every hotel room, you can bet they will be the cheapest ones that they can find.


You wouldn’t use the cheap hair dryer at home, because you know it will damage your hair. So why would you use it on holidays? Forget the hotel hair dryer and pack your own. If you are crunched for space, consider purchasing a quality travel hair dryer. Just because they’re small and compact, does not mean you have to sacrifice quality if you choose a good one.


When you’re packing your bags, be sure to leave enough room for your hair straightener and curling iron if those are regularly used styling tools. There is no reason that you should have to face the world with frizzy; un-styled hair just because you are in a different part of it. You probably wouldn’t leave your make up at home, so why leave your hair styling tools at home? Unless you plan on wearing a hat 24/7 while you’re away, you are going to want your hair to look good too.


When you travel with your hair tools, you should take extra precautions to keep them safe. If you are concerned about having to pack up quickly after using either a hair straightener or a curling iron, you should invest in a heat proof pouch that will allow you to put your tool away even when it’s hot and you won’t risk damaging any of your belongings. The pouch also helps to protect the tool from scratching or any other damage.


When you are packing in a suitcase that will be a checked bag on an airplane, try to put the hair tool in the middle of your bag between layers of clothes to keep it safe. Sadly, improperly packed tools will end up broken because of clumsy baggage handling.


It’s also important not to wrap your cords around the tool themselves. This can damage the cord and if the cord doesn’t work, your tool is useless. Instead, roll the cord up separately and fasten with a tie or elastic to keep it together.


Taking a little bit of extra effort to pack your hair styling tools will be well worth it in the end when you are on holidays and out for dinner looking smashing as always, while the women around you stare in envy wishing they had thought to pack their curling irons or hair straighteners too.

Curling Your Hair Without A Curling Iron

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It can be so easy to forget to pack your curling iron when you leave home on a trip, and this makes it a challenge to get curl and definition into your hair so that you look your best while you are away. Luckily if you remember to pack your travel hair dryer and a round hair brush you can get some extra body into that hair despite forgetting your curling iron. Round brushes can be used to curl the hair while the heat from the dryer is perfect for setting the style in place.

What you Need to Know Before you buy a Hair Dryer

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There are a lot of hair dryers to chose from, so many that in fact it can be hard to chose which one is right for you. Prices range from a few dollars to the hundreds of dollars. How can a blow dryer be so expensive?
Well they can do different things, and are also made to last longer. Some are made for traveling as well. These are usually the ones where the handle will fold in to make it easier to pack with you. A Travel Hair Dryer is a good hair styling tool to have on hand.

Traditional blow dryers have approx. 1500 microns of EMF and some of the more expensive ones ie: ceramic, ionic, tourmaline) contains only 1.5 microns. EMF stands for electric magnetic field and the higher the micron the more damage to the environment. So obviously one who is concerned with the environment would make the wise choice of the lesser micron.

These “Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryers”  state that they are made with genuine tourmaline crystals. They are known to help create the same styles and as easy as a professional hairdresser and give even drying. Tourmaline is infused into the ceramic, which when used help to eliminate frizz and improve shine. These blow dryers can run into the hundreds but if they do what they state they do, what is a one time investment for great hair?  These kind of hairdryers most likely will come with some sort of warranty, therefore it should leave the buyer worry free!

There are ionic ceramic blow dryers that come with higher wattage, this is what usually tends to make the price higher. These will dry your hair in half the time, drying  hair from inside out while at the same time reducing  frizz and static electricity and producing shine. Also known to lock in color, repel humidity and seal the cuticle.

Some come with a cool shot button which when held down will blow cool air instead of hot. There are some that come with diffusers, these are good for root lifting and also for those with curly hair. It disperses heat evenly and lighter therefore producing less frizz in final stage.

The most common mistake I find is that people seem to think that they have to blow dry then use a curling iron. In most cases this is not true. For instance, to blow dry out long layers  I suggest getting a small bristled brush, the kind where the bristles heat up during the blow dry process, and use it like a curling iron. Brush the hair forward scooping up the hair and brushing out twisting the brush in a feathered type motion. Using this method instead of  curling your hair will not only save time but instead of blow-dry then curling will cause less damage in the long run. Using too many heating products on a day to day basis will wear out your hair and you will need a few more trips to the hairdresser than if you don’t.

When choosing one, be sure to get all the information you need, because like I said there are a ton to chose from!