Using The Right Brush

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So many women carefully consider their shampoo and hair styling tools yet they give very little thought to their hairbrush. Different brushes have different effects on the hair so using the right one for the style you are trying to get is essential.

    Round hairbrushes are perfect for adding curl and definition to your hair. With different barrel sizes to choose from in these brushes just like a curling iron, the smaller the barrel the tighter the curl.
    The half round brush is perfect for when your hair is wet and as a everyday brush to comb out your hair.
    A paddle hairbrush is perfect for straightening your hair when you want to remove curls and definition for sleek hairstyles.
    For quicker blow drying with your tourmaline hair dryer use a vented brush to encourage air flow through your hair while you style and dry at the same time.

Hairbrushes are so affordable there is no reason why you can’t have several so you can always use the brush that is right for the current look you want to get. Style your hair and treat it well for the absolute best looks available by using various hair brushes.

Using Your Hair Dryer Properly

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Many women pay good money for top quality blow dryers such as a ionic or tourmaline hair dryer; but when they use them they do not use them correctly to get the best benefits of their professional hair dryer. These women just blow dry their hair as is and do not section it off into small easy to manage areas, thus keeping the air from passing through easily. By sectioning the hair off into smaller easy to manage areas the hair will dry much quicker and get the full benefits of the negative ions with the professional hair dryer.

Using Professional Hair Dryers

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When a woman’s hair does not look its best she is usually quick to blame her shampoo, the weather, or even her curling iron. But many forget that your blow dryer is the basis for your hair style and can make or break the look you are going for. Of course it is important to make sure you use a good shampoo and that you thoroughly rinse it from your hair. But if you use a cheap blow dryer then you will only dry out your hair and strip it of its own natural oils leaving it weakened and susceptible to damage from your styling products and hair irons.

A professional dryer such as a tourmaline hair dryer can dry your hair effectively and quickly without the harsh treatment that a cheap drugstore dryer can have on your tresses. These dryers do not just blow dry air out that is from the air around them, instead they use a high powered motor to break down the water droplets in your hair and dry it without hot air that will dry out your locks. This will leave your hair healthier and less susceptible to styling damage as with cheap blow dyers.

What is A Tourmaline Hair Dryer?

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Hair styling tools have gotten very confusing; instead of just plain curling irons and hair dryers you now have ceramic, titanium, and tourmaline being used. For many these terms can get confusing. What is a tourmaline and how does it work in a hair dryer? Tourmaline is a precious gemstone, which has the ability when used in a hair dryer to not only dry the hair quicker, but also add shine as well to hair at the same time. Even Good Housekeeping has tested tourmaline hair dryers and concluded that they will dry hair 40% faster than a regular hair dryer, and everyone knows the less time your hair is exposed to the heat the healthier it will be.

Why Get A Tourmaline Hair Dryer

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When I first heard of tourmaline hair dryers I wondered what in the world they were. It is a hair dryer, it blows air so why does it need this tourmaline and what is it? Tourmaline is actually a precious stone, which has terrific ionic generating capabilities. Negative ions help your hair retain its own natural moisture to help it stay healthy and shiny even under the most demanding styling conditions. Tourmaline hair dryers dry hair quickly and efficiently without hair damage. You cannot go wrong when you can have a lighter blow dryer that dries faster than regular dryers.

Professional Blow Dryers and the Benefits of Using Them

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You may think a hair dryer is just a hair dryer, however this is just not true! There are many benefits to using a professional hair dryer!

A professional blow dryer may cost you a little more than a regular hair dryer, however the difference in results are well worth the extra cash! Professional dryers come with many different features which will provide different results yet the main goal is a faster drying time and healthier, shinier, frizz free hair.

Some of the choices in Professional Hair Dryer Features may include;

  • Ionic hair dryers – Negative Ions work to eliminate frizz, dry hair faster and smooth hair.
  • Tourmaline hair dryers – creating more negative ions and FIR heat, Tourmaline works to cause less damage and help maintain shiny, healthy hair.
  • Ceramic hair dryers – ceramic distributes even heat, helps control frizz, reduce static and seal the hairs cuticle.

Even better, is that their are hair dryers that have all of these features in one dryer. Just as when choosing a hair straightener, you want to look for the best features and one hair tool that features as many as possible so you are getting the best hair styling tools possible!