Best Hair Straighteners for African American Hair

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If you are an African American, and have the notoriously difficult to style hair that is very coarse and thick, you may think that you will never be able to have straight hair, or that the only way you can achieve this style is to go through painful and long chemical hair straightening processes. But there is another way; it is possible for you too to have the sexy, sleek straight hair that you crave. All you need to do is to choose the best hair straighteners for African American hair.

Hair straighteners have come along way since the days when of metal plates, now you can get a hair straightener that will actually improve the look of your hair and you don’t have to worry about causing any damage.

The best hair straighteners for African American hair all have one thing in common. They are top quality and they utilize some of the best features that you can find in hair irons. You need to look for an iron that has ceramic plates because the ceramic plates provide a moist heat to the hair instead of a dry damaging heat. The moist heat, and far infrared that ceramic produces infuses each hair sealing in the moisture and closing the cuticle. Because each hair is affected in the straightening process, the results you get are much better and longer lasting. You will not have to worry about your style losing it’s look halfway through the day.

Another feature that you are common in all the best hair straighteners for African American hair is the addition of tourmaline. Tourmaline is a naturally occurring element that is a source of negative ions. These negative ions are the best discovery for straight hair then anything else. When the straightener passes over the hair, the negative ions infuse each hair shaft, sealing in moisture, natural oils and sealing the cuticle. The hairs lay flat against the head and have a radiant, healthy shine that you will not get with any other straighteners. Forget about the frizzy, over processed look that some African American women get when they straighten their hair. With tourmaline, this will not be a problem for you any more. You will now have beautiful, smooth and sleek hair with no need for a load of product to keep it smooth.

African American women should look for a hair straightener that has a high heat, however it is also advisable to get an iron that has a temperature adjustment on it. Typically, the thicker and coarser the hair is, the higher heat that is needed to straighten it. However, everyone has a different make up, and it’s important to consider the differences in an individual’s hair. So you may want to experiment with different temperatures before you automatically go with the highest heat setting.

There are a wide variety of hair irons out there for African American hair, and they are all gentle enough on your hair to use every day, so you can have straight hair everyday without the fuss or expense of chemical straightening procedures that can damage your hair.  


Getting Salong Results At Home With The Right Hair Tools

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Many women feel that they have to be a professional hairdresser to shop at a hairdressing supply shop. In some cases this is true, some are for professionals only but many shops that serve professionals will also sell these quality hair styling tools and products to anyone interested in getting the absolute best for their hair. Websites like My Hair Styling Tools make it easy for everyone to get top quality blow dryers, curling irons, and more at the best prices available. There is no longer any excuse to use those cheap drugstore products any longer in between your salon visits.

Using Your Hair Dryer Properly

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Many women pay good money for top quality blow dryers such as a ionic or tourmaline hair dryer; but when they use them they do not use them correctly to get the best benefits of their professional hair dryer. These women just blow dry their hair as is and do not section it off into small easy to manage areas, thus keeping the air from passing through easily. By sectioning the hair off into smaller easy to manage areas the hair will dry much quicker and get the full benefits of the negative ions with the professional hair dryer.