Best African American Flat Irons

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No matter what type of hair you have, you will be able to straighten your hair with a flat iron. In fact, even if you have notoriously thick and coarse African American hair, you do not need to resort to harsh chemical straighteners that will damage your hair, perhaps permanently. Not too mention all of the harsh fumes and long wait times while the chemicals set. No way. All you need is to choose from the best African American flat irons and you are on your way to beautifully sexy, sleek hair.

The best flat irons for African American hair have a few things in common. The first is that they must have ceramic or titanium plates. These plates will be smooth and won’t tug or tear at the hair. Ceramic plates also offer moist heat which helps to straighten the hair from the inside of the hair, out. Moist heat is much gentler on tough, coarse hair.

Another very important feature that all of the best African American flat irons have in common is that they utilize the power of tourmaline. Tourmaline is a naturally occurring element that has been found to be an amazing source of negative ions. As the hair iron plates pass across the hair, the negative ions enter each individual hair shaft, sealing each hair cuticle. By sealing each hair cuticle, your hair retains its natural oils and shine, allowing it to be healthier than ever before. Also, because each hair cuticle is closed, the hair lays flat against the head instead of looking frizzy and standing up all over the place which is a common complaint for African American’s who straighten their hair. You want the end result to be sexy, sleek hair, not frizzy damaged looking hair. This is why tourmaline is so important in a hair straightener. The tourmaline keeps your hair looking straight, and it will also be softer and more manageable than ever before.

Another feature that you will need to look for when you are searching for the best flat irons for African American hair is temperature control. Do not choose an iron that only has one setting because this is not a one size fits all solution. It is much better for thick, coarse hair to be able to adjust the heat setting in order to get the highest temperature. Most African American hair needs a high heat setting, but before you crank up the temperature, start lower and work your way up because every person has different hair and you do not want to apply a high heat if you don’t have to.

Forget about expensive, messy and harmful chemical hair straighteners. You can get a better result, faster by using a high quality hair straightener. Plus, you will be doing your hair a favor because by using the best hair irons for African American hair, you can actually improve the look of your hair.

Better Temperature Control With Ceramic Straighteners

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Everyone talks about the negative ions associated with ceramic hair straighteners and how they make your hair healthier, but there are other benefits to these hair irons as well. Ceramic is a super conductor of heat and this means that hair styling irons using this material heat up and cool down quickly. These ceramic plates are easier to control the temperature of since the plates react better to the temperature setting adjustments you make. This means you can more effectively straighten your hair to get the look and appearance you want to get.

Buying Curling Irons With Variable Temperature Control

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If you are shopping for a new curling iron one very important feature you should look for is a variable temperature control. Many do not realize the importance of using just the right amount of heat to style their hair. It is important to use enough, but not so much that the hair is being overexposed to the temperatures. Various hair types need various temperatures to curl effectively. Thin hair does not need quite the hot temps that coarser more full hair needs to effectively curl. Generally off brand curling irons do not have this feature, but it can be readily found in professional curling irons.

Professional Hair Straighteners over Drugstore Models

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A cheap drugstore hair straightening iron can damage your hair with too much heat and ineffective temperature controls. Professional hair straighteners may cost a little more, but the care they give your hair makes them worth their weight in gold especially if you style your hair often. Professional hair tools are usually lighter and easier to handle in the first place. Plus they are made from better materials, which gives them better temperature control and more even heating of the ceramic plates. For better hair styling of your hair professional tools will get much better results, the money spent is well worth it for these hair tools.

What to Look For In Hair Straightening Irons

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If you were not born with straight hair you can get the look with the use of a hair flat iron. These easy to use professional hair tools will surprisingly take the tightest curls out of any hair type and leave it luxuriously smooth. Of course you want to ensure that the hair straightener you use is of good quality to make sure your hair does not get damaged and remains healthy despite the demands of styling. Some of the key features to for in your hair straightening iron include:

Ceramic plates – Irons using ceramic hair straighteners are much easier on the hair than those, which do not have these ceramic plates. Without them your hair is in direct contact with the metal and will be exposed to way too much heat.

Ionic technology – Ionic hair straighteners keep negative ions within your hair. Negative ions promote the moisture levels in your hair, which will help it remain smoother and keep it from being too frizzy.

Temperature control – Hair straighteners with variable temperature settings are an absolute essential. Control over the amount of heat you use to straighten your hair is vital so that you use enough to straighten out the curls, but not so much as to damage your hair.

If you shop with retailers who carry professional hair tools then the above features will more than likely be standard on the hair iron. Hair professionals demand these features and so should you.