Celebrity Hair Review: Katy Perry

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One of my favorite artists is Katy Perry. She is ever-growing and lets nothing slow her down; it makes everyone love her even more. Another part of her that everyone loves is her spunky and edgy sense of style. When she first came out with her hit single “I Kissed A Girl” we were all in shock that someone would write a song about that but then as she became more famous and got even more comfortable in Hollywood, she started changing a few other things about her. For example, she started dressing in things like bras that shoot out whipped cream and started dying her hair different shades of pink and purple-even if they were wigs, we all learned to love her a little bit more.

Let’s face it, it’s so hard to get recognized in Hollywood today and Katy had her own way of doing so. Some of her songs have been considered borderline crazy-she falls in love with an alien in one song, she sings about kissing another girl and even has a song about sexual terms but that’s what kept her in touch with record companies-it kept them guessing. As fans, we’re also always guessing and wondering what she will do next with her fun yet kooky style.

Recently, Katy Perry filmed a movie about herself called Katy Perry: Part of Me. Although it’s not in theatres yet, in the previews you see many different hairstyles and colors that she sports and it may make you wonder a few things. How does she have such pretty hair after so many different styles and transformations? It’s so true, her hair is absolutely perfect and it never looks like there’s a strand out of place. Now of course she has a stylist that can make her hair look like brand new each day and she probably wears wigs half the time but sometimes it is her real hair that is colored blue or hot pink. And how does she keep such healthy hair?

That’s just it, she has a stylist. There are some people that aren’t celebrities dye who their hair almost once a week and their hair will never look as good as Katy Perry’s. She inspires many people today because of her fun hair but the difference between our hair and her hair is that she pays someone thousands of dollars a year to make it look stunning and completely non-damaged. Whereas we can barely afford a cut and color every month or so. I would be willing to be that if Katy Perry showed her true hair, without extensions, without any hair dye in it, she would have very damaged and dull hair because of all the things she puts it through.

Katy Perry is one of the greatest artists of our time and we all envy her for her stunning performances and appearance. Although I do love her hair, the damage she’s done between dying and styling, I don’t envy her for. The use of a straightener is evident in her hair each time you see her and although it’s not necessarily a bad thing, it can be bad after so long. Katy better watch how she styles her hair-it could come back to haunt her.

Infrared Heat for Better Hair Straightening

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Many times the quality in a professional hair styling iron cannot be seen in the iron itself only in the results that can be achieved when working with the hair. One feature that makes these high-end hair straighteners better than the rest is the infrared heat used to straighten the hair of its frizz and curl. Infrared heat gets deep inside the hair as opposed to just warming the outer layers to get a more effective heat on the locks which will straighten it much more effectively than just by heating up the outside. This means less time it needed per strand you are straightening and less potential for damaging and drying out hair that will leave the style less than perfect.

Several Ways to Get Different Curls in Your Hair

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Many women use their curling iron the exact same way every time and then get frustrated and bored with the curls they achieve in their hair. Wrapping different amounts of hair around the barrel will have different effects on the curl you achieve with your hair iron. For more pronounced curls in your hair wrap smaller amounts of hair around the curling iron at one time so that the heat can affect each strand fully. For looser curls that are softer to the touch than wrap more hair around the curling iron barrel to create the looser more relaxed look.

Of course the only way to change the actual size of the curl you will get is by using a larger or smaller barrel on your curling iron. A 1 inch curling iron is a good overall iron to use for the average curl. But if you want smaller tighter curls then you will need to use a curling with a much smaller barrel than 1 inch. While if you want really large curls then you of course will need to use a large barrel.

Hair Curling Tips

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Curling your hair with a curling iron sounds fairly simple but it is amazing how many girls try and rush through the job and get not such great results. As with most things practice makes perfect so do not expect to take your new professional ceramic curling iron out of the box and get perfect curls instantly, though you may if you are very good with hair.

If possible you should look into a thermal hair styling protection product for your hair. These are designed to help your hair better handle the stress of styling with heat from hair dryers, curling irons, and flat irons.

Make sure your hair is totally free of tangles and snags before you begin curling your hair. You want the best possible surface to begin your curling with so take the time to comb it out well.

Curl only a small piece of hair at a time so that the heat can properly get to each strand to curl it. If too much hair is wrapped around the barrel of the curling iron at one time the heat does not get evenly distributed and the hair will not curl well.

It is also very important not to touch your hair until the hair has a chance to finish cooling. This will allow the curl to finish setting in, and touching it too soon can remove some of the work you put into it.

Mostly take your time and do small pieces at a time and soon you will be getting salon quality curls at home in front of your own mirror.

Blow Drying Your Hair for Best Results

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Many women do not spend enough time learning how to properly blow dry their hair and this can really make it more difficult on them once they actually go to style it. A good blow dryer can be so good for your hair some individuals will go to a salon and pay very good money just to have this done for them on occasion.

With a wide toothed comb, a good hair brush, and an ionic hair dryer you can get salon quality drying at home with just a little practice and patience. Completely comb out all tangles with the wide toothed comb then blow dry your hair with a high heat until mostly, but not all the way dry. Divide your hair into sections and finish drying from root to tip in each section. Always make sure the blow drying is blowing down the strand of hair from root to tip to make sure no hair becomes flyaway which can make your hair look frizzy once you are done. As you are drying each section keep it combed out with the bristle brush to help work your hair into the look of sleek and shiny.

Getting Wavy Hair with a Hair Straightening Tool

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Everyone knows the best way to get straight luxurious hair if you were not born with it is by using a hair straightening tool. But did you know that same tool could be used to give you gorgeous wavy curls just as easily as it can produce straight hair?  You can make curls and waves with any hair-straightening tool, but it is easier to accomplish a nice curl when you use a hair iron that has a slight curve on the edges of the ceramic plates of the flat iron.

To curl your hair with your professional hair iron divide the hair into small sections so you can curl small areas at a time. Begin at the root of each section of hair and use the flat iron horizontally on the section of hair. Slowly move the hair straightening tool from the root to the top flipping the iron 180 degrees every little bit. By flipping the iron as you go down the section you will create small subtle waves in your hair. You will need to take your time and go slowly on each strand of hair to ensure the heat has the opportunity to take to the hair and create the waves. Once you get the hang of it you will have a hard time deciding between the straight hair look and the wavy hair look when you head out for the evening.

How to French Braid Hair

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French braids are beautiful, they can be worn casually for a night out with friends or be worn on your wedding day. There isn’t an event that French braids wouldn’t be good for.


Add some hair from the left side of the head to the leftmost strand. Use your left index finger to pick up a section of hair from the left side of the

Step 1: Brush or comb the hair thoroughly, removing all knots or tangles. Comb out any part, combing the hair straight back.

Step 2:

Separate a section of hair from the rest of the hair at the place where you want to begin the braid. Make the part V-shaped, with the point of the V towards the back of your head.

Step 3:

Separate the section of hair into three strands. Strands must be completely separated all the way to the ends. One way to separate the hair into three strands is to hold the section of hair in one hand and use the index and middle fingers of the other hand to separate it into three strands, as shown.

Step 4:

Cross the rightmost strand over the middle strand.If you’re French braiding your own hair, your finger placement will depend on the size of your hands, the length of your fingers, and the thickness of your hair. This article provides some suggestions, but you may find variations that are more comfortable for you, or have other desirable results.

Hold the leftmost strand with your left pinkie while moving the rightmost strand from your right hand to your left. Shift the new rightmost strand (used to be the middle strand) from your right hand to your left.

Step 5:

Add a bit of hair from the right side of the head to the rightmost strand. Using your right index finger, pick up a section of hair from the right side of the head and add it to the new rightmost strand.

Step 6:

Cross the leftmost strand over the middle strand. Grab the rightmost strand with your right pinky, then rotate your left hand so that you can grasp the leftmost strand in your right hand. Shift the new leftmost strand to your right hand.

Step 7:

Add hair from the left side of the head to the new leftmost strand. Use your left index finger to pick up a section of hair from the left side of the head and add it to the leftmost strand.

Step 8:

Cross the rightmost strand over the middle strand. Grasp the leftmost strand with the left pinkie, then rotate your right hand so that you can grasp the rightmost strand in your left hand. Shift the new rightmost strand to your left hand.

Step 9:

Cross the leftmost strand over the middle strand. Grab the rightmost strand with your right pinkie, then rotate your left hand so that you can grasp the leftmost strand in your right hand. Shift the new leftmost strand from your left to right hand.

Step 10:

Add some hair from the left side of the head to the leftmost strand. Use your left index finger to pick up a section of hair from the left side of the head and add it to the leftmost strand in your right hand.

Step 11: Continue braiding. Cross the rightmost strand over the middle, add hair to new rightmost strand, cross the leftmost strand over the middle, add hair to new leftmost strand, and repeat until there is no more hair to add.

Step 12:

Braid the rest of your hair normally as far down as you can reach. If you have longer hair, bring the braid forward over your shoulder and braid in the opposite direction.

Step 13:

Tie a covered elastic band to ends.

Till next time Good Luck


New Test Detects Breast Cancer with Strand of Hair

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A new test designed to detect breast cancer may soon be available for sale in Europe. The test is called Fermiscan and is capable of detecting the disease in its early stage, when it is the easiest to treat. This new revolution can detect cancer from just 20 strands of hair, needing only to be an inch long, by identifying changes of the hair’s structure of someone suffering from cancer.


Breast cancer is the second most common type of cancer Worldwide and is the most common cause of cancer death in women.