Having Short Straight Bangs

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Many people have different opinions on bangs, some love them and some cannot stand them. If you are one of those who do like sporting a look with short straight bangs than embrace that style. But for many women even short straight bangs get a mind of their own and stick out or curl in ways you do not want. Luckily it is easy to take a hair straightening iron to smooth those bangs out and make sure they remain straight all day long. Just heat your hair styling iron up quickly and run it over your bangs from the scalp to the tip.

Hairstyles Round Faces

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A round face shape is as about as long as it is wide and has soft, rounded edges.

When it comes to hairstyles for those of you with a round face shape, layers are key. You can go long or short but want to make sure your haircut is tailored to your face shape.

Other guidelines to follow for a round face shape include;

  • Layered bangs rather than heavy or straight bangs
  • Styles which add length to the face
  • Shorter styles which add height
  • Long styles with graduated layers to make face and neck appear more slender
  • Styles which keep hair close to the face
  • Opt for half up-do’s rather than full up do’s

Round Face Hairstyle examples -





*The bob, as seen on Kelly Clarkson above, is a hot hairstyle for 2008. This sleek and sexy look is easily styled using your hair straightener. You can also curl your hair with a hair straightener to achieve the other hairstyles above.