Curling That Thin Straight Hair

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Women with curly hair tend to be envious of those with straight hair and vice versa, but both forget that when you have one you want the other and it can be hard for some to get that look that they want. For those with that straight hair luxurious curls are the goal and if your hair is thin then getting those curls in and getting them to stay can be difficult. By using a professional ceramic curling irons and some spritz you can coax that lifeless hair into having more body and bounce with just a little practice.

Getting Tousled Curls

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Tousled curls are a great look whether your hair is short, bobbed, or long the beach inspired waves is a good look for any hair length. To get this look all you need is a little spritz and a 1 inch curling iron. With your curling iron held vertically to your head create lots of big loose curls by applying the heat for about five seconds per each small section. Once you have the base curled into your hair tousle your locks and add a little spritz to keep it place. From there this style will go anywhere with nonchalance and ease.

Big Curls For Your Long Hair

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Big curls can be sleek and sexy for a night out on the town with the girls or with that special someone. A 1 inch curling iron is perfect for creating these larger bouncy curls that can give your hair great volume and life. To get these gorgeous curls it is best to add some spritz to a small section than curl it for about five seconds with the curling iron then spray again for a final hold to help the curls last all night long even if your are actively dancing or enjoying life.

Getting Tight Curls

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For small tight curls in your hair curling iron barrels can come in a size as small as three-eights of an inch. These very small barrels create very tight curls in your hair, which can be left hanging or even used to create a gorgeous updo. Wrap small sections of hair around the barrel and hold for five seconds. Spray the curls with a small amount of spritz and then do not touch them until they dry. These small tight curls can be a step out of the ordinary for many women who usually stick with the average barrel size curling iron.

Getting the Right Curling Iron

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Whenever you curl your hair you surely have a idea of how large of a curl or how much of a wave you want to add to your do. Certain curling iron sizes are better than others for certain sizes so you will need the one that is the best for the job you have in mind.

For big waves it is best to use a curling iron with a 2 inch barrel. This will create large loose curls, which appear more as waves in the hair when wrapped loosely around the iron.

If you use a three-quarters to a 1 inch curling iron than you will end up with larger more bouncy curls. To get the best big curls use spritz or mousse on your hair than wrap small amounts around the curling iron for about five seconds. Always make sure you allow the hair a chance to cool on its own before you touch at so the curl has a chance to set in.

For tight small curls use a smaller curling iron such as a three-eights inch barrel and just like with the big curls apply the hair iron about 5 seconds and use spritz to hold the curls in place.