Changing Your Hairstyle With A Ceramic Flat Iron

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It does not take long for many women to grow tired of their current hairstyle and want to get a new look. Of course cutting their hair may not always be an option since they are trying to grow it out for a special occasion or just do not want shorter hair. Dying and perms are other options to get new looks but these harsh chemicals are hard on the hair and scalp and do not always come out looking like you want them to.

One way to get a new look without cutting or using chemicals is to use a hair straightening iron to give yourself the runway smooth locks that many models have. Ceramic flat irons can remove curl and frizz to give you a completely different appearance and daily look. Yet they are not hard on the hair and can be used one day for the look and not used another to keep things mixed up. To add even more looks to your repertoire with this simple hair styling tool you can also use it to add waves and even place curl in all or part of the hair. All of this, to change your hairstyle in a way that can bring new life to your look, but can be changed again at any time when you want.

Pin Curls For Short Hair

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If you have short hair and are in need of an interesting hairdo for a special occasion, maybe you should consider pin curls. These small tight curls were extremely popular in the 1920s and 30s and make a great short sassy style for the modern woman. Plus these curls are relatively easy to create with a small-barreled ionic curling iron. The smaller the curl the tighter the curls you will have and so keep proper tension on your hair when you are wrapping it around the curling iron barrel. This is one look that is easy to create with your curling iron and can make your short hair very sexy for a great night out.

Tame That Frizz With A Hair Straightening Iron

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There is nothing worse than frizzy hair, especially when you have a big day or night that you need to look your best for. Luckily hair straightening irons are the solution to the problem. These hair irons are very easy to use and can tame even the frizziest or curliest hair and make it straight and smooth. Whether the frizz is caused by dry, damaged hair or just from too much heat and humidity in the air, a hair straightening iron can get your hair under control and leave you looking your best for that special occasion.

Using Wet to Dry Hair Straighteners

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For many girls the wet to dry hair straightening iron is a really confusing tool since we have always been told that applying heat directly to wet hair will damage it. What is a girl to do if she wants straight hair but is short on time? Blow-drying hair completely can really take awhile, especially if you have very thick hair, and then spending time using a hair straightening tool and you are spending a lot of time getting ready. But with a professional wet to dry hair iron you can actually skip the step of blow-drying and go directly into straightening with only a towel dry.

Wet to dry hair straighteners are designed with special air vents, which allow the moisture to escape as opposed to it being stuck inside the hair iron with your hair causing unneeded damage that could take time to repair. A wet dry hair iron is the best professional styling tool available for a woman who wants to look her best, but is limited on time to make that happen. Not only can these tools straighten your hair as they dry it, with a little practice can also be used to put beautiful wavy curls in your hair when you want to sport a different look for a special occasion.