How Not To Straighten Hair

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Some women style their hair everyday, mainly because they feel their hair looks more stylish or put-together when it is straight. To keep hair smooth and beautiful from day to day, lots of women say it’s best to use the heat of a straightener everyday. This may seem smart to them but after so many days of using the straightener, they begin to notice a difference in the texture and look of their hair. It is okay to straighten your hair every so often but to avoid heat damage, read the following tips about how NOT to straighten your hair.

If you’re going to straighten your hair more than three times a week, you could endanger it. All it takes a little too much heat and your hair will become fried with split ends. One of the worst things you can do when you straighten it is to avoid using any kind of thermal protectant spray. If you go without spritzing your hair thoroughly with a heat protectant, the split end affect will become much more of a problem.

You also should never try to straighten your hair by repeatedly going over the same chunk of hair. You are supposed to split your hair into layers and/or sections when you style it with a straightener because this helps keep all pieces separate and make it easier to straighten without tangling it. After you split it you begin straightening but you must remember that you can’t go over the same area more than once. Applying too much heat for too long can seriously damage the ends by breaking them off more and more each time you go over a certain chunk.

Those are two of the main things you should avoid doing while straightening your hair, but there are a few smaller details you should remember. These include things like setting the temperature too high on the flat iron, pulling the iron straight down through the hair, and not using frizz serum after styling. Remembering these great tips can be a helpful reminder as to why we should be ever so careful when we style our hair.

The Advances In Modern Hair Straighteners

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Women today have hair styling so easy and yet many do not realize just how good they have it with the modern styling tools and products available to them. As recently as the 60’s women were using styling tools that were still as primitive as the first models created before the turn of the century. These early tools were more like medieval torture devices that caused significantly more damage to the hair with one use than our modern hair tools cause in their lifetime.

A great example is the method women have used over the years to remove the excess curl from their hair. In the past everything has been used from harsh chemicals that caused severe burns to the scalp when used or even clothing irons to smooth out the body in the hair. Neither method was very effective and both were very dangerous and damaging to the user.

The modern professional flat iron is made with some of the best material available such as tourmaline and titanium so that they are not only effective at straightening the hair but also gentle to the hair and the user in the process. These modern hair straighteners and styling tools are so much farther advanced than tools of the past women of today should be very happy that they do not have to suffer to style their hair.

The Closest Shave Any Man Has Ever Received

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In the not too distant past when a man needed a shave he went to the barber and received a close smooth shave with a skilled hand and a straight razor. Of course modern men have more choices than ever in how they will shave their faces but very few go with the option of using a straight razor. Of course if you talk with most of these men many do not like the current shave they are getting and wish there was something better. Whether they want a closer shave or they are getting excess skin burning from electric razors they all want something that works better for them.

Of course most of these guys have tried just about everything out there but have not attempted a straight razor since they feel that this would be too hard to actually do. In reality a Kamisori straight razor is actually fairly easy to use and provide a shave unlike anything else available. Whether you are looking for a great gift for your man to give him that shave he is wanting or you are a beautician who wants to renew this service for men these keen blades will deliver one of the best shaves ever.

Tourmaline Crystals In Hair Dryers For Healthier Hair

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Traditional hair dryers use plastic or metal heating elements to create the hot air that they blow over your hair to dry it after a wash job. This excess heat exposes your hair to enough heat it actually warms up your hair that ends up making it brittle so that it is prone to breaking and split ends. Tourmaline hair dryers on the other hand use ceramic and tourmaline crystals to create not only heat but also negative ions that will leave the hair luxuriant and smooth despite the heavy styling. This is extremely important for women who style their hair daily to avoid the damage caused by so much heat so often.

Help for Damaged Hair

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Have you over styled your hair in the past? Maybe undergone a great deal of chemical treatments or colors? If this has happened to you, you might be suffering from dry, damaged and frizzy hair. It can be extremely frustrating to style your hair if you are suffering from damage because you don’t want to further damage your hair or cause any more problems. Also, it can be intensely difficult to control frizzy dry hair.


Don’t worry, you don’t have to live your life under baseball caps or with your hair pulled back in pony tails. There is hope for you and for your hair. Because you can style your hair even if it’s damaged from past problems. The key is to use the right tools and products.


If you have the typical frizzy hair that results from damage, you can make it smooth without further harming it. Simply find yourself a quality hair straightener that is made from either ceramic or titanium plates. You should also invest in a straightener that has tourmaline technology. The tourmaline technology actually emits negative ions that work to smooth your hair, closing the hair shaft and allowing the hair to lay flat against your head. The hair will instantly look smoother, and healthier. And don’t worry about damaging your hair further with a hair straightener, because the tourmaline works to straighten your hair faster, your hair is exposed to heat for a much shorter period which means, it won’t result in damage.


You will also want to invest in a quality hair dryer for your hair. Again, you don’t need to worry about extra damage or causing your hair harm by using a blow dryer. But you must invest in a quality product. Look for a dryer that is made with ceramic coated elements and also utilizes tourmaline technology. You can dry your hair in a fraction of the time, without any of the damage because it isn’t being exposed to unnecessary heat. Also, the tourmaline works the same in the hair dryer as it does with the straightener. It will close your hair shaft, smoothing the hair follicle and creating hair that not only looks beautiful and shiny, but is also much healthier and more manageable.


You don’t have to be scared of hair tools and styling your hair if it’s damaged and over treated. With the right tools and a little bit of knowledge, your hair will look healthy, bouncy and more beautiful than you could imagine. Stop suffering from bad hair days, and get styling.

Getting Flips In The Tips of Your Straight Hair

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You do not have to make your hair totally flat when you are using a hair straightening iron on you hair. You can create a look that is fairly flat but with either a flip on the ends of your hair that either flips up or flips under. To get this great look you do not have to use a straightening iron and a curling iron separately you can get the complete look with your hair straightening iron making it simple and fast to create.

To get the flip in the ends of your hair simply use your hair iron as usual working from the roots to the tips of your hair. This will create the smooth flat hair on the upper part of your hair do but when you get to within two inches of the ends of your hair you will need to create a slight curl in the ends. Depending on whether you want the ends to flip out or flip under will depend on which way you curl but once you decide wrap the last couple of inches of your hair in the flat iron and give a small twist to create the flip. This is a fun look that is simple to create and will look great for most any occasion.

Casual Looking Straight Hair With A Wave

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One of the hottest looks this fall is smooth straight long hair with just the ends turned up to create a neat yet slightly wavy appearance to your hair. Use a 2 inch curling iron to create the body in the tips of your hair and remember to shake it out after you style it so that it does not look to made up and seems more natural. Though this is really a great look for those with very long hair it can also be pulled off with ease on short hair to create an almost casual bob appearance.

Ionic Blow Dryers For Tangle Free Hair

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If your hair tends to tangle easily as mine does there is hope with the help of the latest technologically advanced hair dryers. Ionic dryers are actually one of the best products you can use to easily detangle and smooth your hair out. These hair dryers will infuse your hair with the negative ions it needs to retain its own natural moisture which will help it be healthier and therefore will also be less susceptible to tangles and frizz. Of course this sounds like marketing hype, but for those who give it a try it will produce the results, which will make them a believer in these dryers.

Benefits of Titanium Hair Straighteners

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A titanium hair straightener is the absolute best method for getting those curls out to get that sleek shiny straight hair that so many women want right now. Chemical straighteners do last much longer than just using hair irons everyday in front of the mirror, but do we really want to subject out hair to more chemicals? A titanium hair straightener with its ultra smooth plates will effectively straighten hair daily and will not damage the hair nearly as much as the chemical treatments they give you at the salon. Plus this way you will have the option each day on whether you want your naturally curly hair or runway smooth tresses.

Having Short Straight Bangs

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Many people have different opinions on bangs, some love them and some cannot stand them. If you are one of those who do like sporting a look with short straight bangs than embrace that style. But for many women even short straight bangs get a mind of their own and stick out or curl in ways you do not want. Luckily it is easy to take a hair straightening iron to smooth those bangs out and make sure they remain straight all day long. Just heat your hair styling iron up quickly and run it over your bangs from the scalp to the tip.

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