Using Ceramic Hair Straighteners

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Many Hollywood stars are sporting long straight hair currently and this is a traditional look that is always sleek, shiny, and gorgeous. There is several ways to remove the curl and frizz from your hair but the most effective is by using hair straightening irons. The chemical treatments at the salon are just too harsh on your hair to often, and hair relaxing creams are just ineffective. If you want to use a hair straightener, then a ceramic hair straightener is much better on your hair than a cheap drugstore model with your hair being straightened by contacting the metal directly. Ceramic straighteners place a ceramic coating on the plates on the hair iron and this gives your hair a smooth surface that is much easier on your hair.

The ceramic plates on the hair iron heat up quickly and evenly so there are no hot spots on the iron or cold spots, which means that your hair will straighten, better in some places better than others. Many newer ceramic hair irons also utilize ionic technology, which will help your hair retain its own natural moisture so it will remain healthy and shiny despite the extra styling of straightening your hair.

Several Ways to Get Different Curls in Your Hair

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Many women use their curling iron the exact same way every time and then get frustrated and bored with the curls they achieve in their hair. Wrapping different amounts of hair around the barrel will have different effects on the curl you achieve with your hair iron. For more pronounced curls in your hair wrap smaller amounts of hair around the curling iron at one time so that the heat can affect each strand fully. For looser curls that are softer to the touch than wrap more hair around the curling iron barrel to create the looser more relaxed look.

Of course the only way to change the actual size of the curl you will get is by using a larger or smaller barrel on your curling iron. A 1 inch curling iron is a good overall iron to use for the average curl. But if you want smaller tighter curls then you will need to use a curling with a much smaller barrel than 1 inch. While if you want really large curls then you of course will need to use a large barrel.

Methods of Getting Straight Hair

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There are several ways to relax the curl in your hair to achieve that sleek straight hair appearance that many women want. You can get your hair chemically relaxed, but this is expensive and you should always try and avoid chemical methods, as they are really hard on your hair. Another method is by using hair straighteners in your home to flatten the curl out with these flat irons. This method must be done more often since just as with curling irons the heat only is effective for a day or two depending on the natural curliness of your hair. In the long run this method is probably the best one to straighten your hair and keep it healthy and vibrant.

Tips for Getting Straight Hair

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Long, sleek straight hair is definitely a look that is in style right now and just because you were not born with those locks you can still get the look. There are several ways you can straighten hair to get out the frizz, waves, and curl to achieve smooth, straight hair. Professional hair tools such as blow dryers or hair flat irons can be used and there are even hair straightening products that you can apply to encourage straight hair.

When blow drying hair straight or using ceramic hair irons you should always use professional salon hair tools. These tools are designed to work effectively to get the job done on your locks while being safe for your hair to keep from damaging your locks in the process. Blow dryers should have not just very hot air, but also a strong flow of air coming from them to achieve good straightening. While ceramic hair straighteners should have variable temperature settings to best match your hair type and condition for the best hair straightening effects. Whenever straightening hair always use mild shampoos and strong conditioners to help keep your hair healthy and moisturized to best handle the temperatures from the hair straightening tools.