Why Thinning Shears Do Not Cut Tool Much Hair

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If you have ever had your hair thinned than you understand just how effective this technique is on getting some of the excess hair out so that your hairstyles will come out better with more weightless body. If you do not look closely at thinning shears they appear to look just like regular scissors and it can be an anomaly on how they can effectively thin out hair without flat out cutting it off like scissors. Kamisori thinning shears as well as other brands have lots of tiny teeth in the blades as opposed to solid ones like regular shears. It is these teeth, which allow them to only remove some of the hair, but just like with other scissors it is possible to get carried away and remove too much.

Using Clippers On One-length Styles

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For those hairstyles which need one rather short length of hair throughout the head, the perfect tool to get the proper cut are hair clippers. Clippers are perfect for crew cuts, flat tops, and other one-length styles. Clippers are also an excellent tool for trimming around the neck and sideburns, which can be done with scissors, but more effectively and efficiently done with scissors. A quality set of Wahl hair clippers are perfect for having around for quick cuts for men as well as for those trim jobs around the nape area.

Using The Right Scissors To Prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

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Carpal tunnel syndrome is a very real danger for anyone who does a repetitive task with their hands for several hours a day, and this does include the hairstylist. Though it may not seem too repetitive such as typing cutting hair is a constant motion for the hands and wrists, which makes a hairdresser susceptible to this medical issue. Of course just as with typing having the proper tools will prevent this from ever becoming an issue for the stylist on the job daily. Having professional hair cutting tools that are ergonomically designed to ward off this problem will reduce the strain on your body and make getting your job done a real easy task.

Saving Money By Getting The Best Scissors

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Many new hairdressers sometimes try and cut some corners on their hair styling tools just because they are on a limited budget while they are getting their clientele built up. One corner they should never cut is the quality of their scissors. By opting to get a pair of shears, which are made from lesser quality steel they in the long run will end up paying more money to have, those scissors sharpened more often. Professional shears stay sharp longer so sharpening is needed less often saving money for the new hairdresser who needs to maintain a quality pair of shears to get the best cuts possible to develop the reputation as a top stylist.

Trendy Men’s Hairstyles

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Men’s haircuts have come a long way over the years to be just as intricate as those of many women. In the past most men opted for a very short cut, which could be easily achieved with a set of electric hair clippers. Now many men have full on hairstyles that do not even use a pair of clippers but are cut and styled with scissors exclusively just as the popular women’s styles. This has meant a boom in business for the stylist and many clippers are sitting unused in a dryer only to be used to trim around the sideburns and neck area.

Buying Scissors For A Good Cause

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Some form of cancer touches everyone’s life in some way, and for many women the cancer involved is breast cancer. For the hairdresser who needs a new pair of professional hair shears and wants to help support the research behind breast cancer. These beautiful hot pink sheers are not only a great way to support cancer research they are also some of the highest quality shears available for the professional stylist. Designed to not only be comfortable to the stylist who cuts hair all day they are also made with the finest materials available and will outperform most any other pair of shears available.

Differences Between Scissors & Shears

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Many people feel that the terms scissors and shears are actually interchangeable terms but really there is a few slight differences between the two so they are not exactly the same type of cutting implement. Scissors are usually less than six inches in length, have two small matching handles, and are usually used for lighter cutting jobs due to their smaller sizes. While shears are usually larger than six inches and have non-matching handles with the exception of hairdressing shears, which have identical handles. Whether you are shopping for scissors or shears for trimming hair it is essential that you have a pair that feels good in your hand.

Kamisori Scissors For Quality Hair Cuts

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Kamisori are some of the leading shears available on the market for professional salon stylists. These scissors are made with the highest quality stainless steel and are perfectly balanced for the most precise haircut available from a pair of shears. Available in models ranging from student, left handed and even thinning there are the perfect pair for everyone whether you are a working professional or just someone who cuts a little hair on the side for yourself or some friends. With the proper care Kamisori scissors will last you for many years and give you the greatest cuts every time.

Invention of Scissors

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It is most likely that the scissors were invented in 1500 BC in ancient Egypt. These were shears with the joint at the far end, cross bladed scissors were invented by the Romans around 100 AD.

ancient-scissors.jpg Ancient 2nd Century scissors

scissors_china.jpg Scissors from Chinese Tang Era 618-907 AD

In 1761 Robert Hinchcliffe produced the first pair of modern day scissors made of hardened polish and cast steel. He was reputed to be the first person to put out a sign proclaiming himself to be a fine scissor manufacturer.

An ironworks was started in 1649 in the hamlet “Fiskars” between Helsinki and Turku.  In 1830 a new owner started a cutlery works in Finland making hairdressing scissors with the trademark “Fiskars”. Fiskars Corporation introduced new methods of manufacturing scissors in 1967.

fiskar-scissors.jpgFiskar scissors 1967.

Most hair scissors are best suited to use with the right hand, but left-handed scissors are designed for use by the left. Left-handed scissors have handles which are comfortable to hold in the left hand.

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How to Cut Hair Layers

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Step 1: Shampoo and condition your hair, towel dry but leave it a little damp. If you cut your hair dry it will dull your scissors.

Step 2: Comb your hair straight back

Step 3: Section off about one half inch of hair as though you are going to cut bangs, but continue the section all the way down your face to the front of your ears. The rest of your hair should still be combed straight back to keep it out of your way.

Step 4: Bring the top section hair forward and down in front of your eyes. Using your nose as a measurement for length, cut the section of hair straight across to just the outer edges of your eyes. Your starting cut should be at the tip of your nose, never higher than the bridge of your nose. You should now have a straight line from the outside edge of one eye to the other. This line will be your length guide for cutting the remainder of your hair. The further down your nose you make your first cut, the longer your final haircut will be.

Step 5: Comb the section you’ve just cut straight up. Holding your hair between your index finger and your middle finger in a scissor-like grip, snip off the tips of this section. What you are trying to achieve here is to get a straight line while the hair is held straight up. If you cut too much, you will end up with a shorter haircut overall.

Step 6: Comb the sides of the section straight up taking with it some of the hair you’ve just cut. Notice that you can easily see how the sides are longer than the cut section. Using the bangs cut as your guide, and holding the side sections straight up, make your next cut straight across. When you let the hair go you will notice that it falls easily into layers.

Step 7: With your comb, section off another small amount of hair from ear to ear combing it forward and keeping the remainder of your hair straight back. Comb the new section of hair straight up, pulling with it the first section as your cutting guide. See where the first section was cut and the new section that is needing to be cut? Cut the second section evenly with the first. Pull the side sections straight up again to cut it even with the bang area.

Step 8: Continue to section and pull the hair straight up and cut across using the previous cuts guidlines. Make sure to not section off too much hair as you will not be able to see your previously cut section. Continue sectioning and cutting all the way to the back of your head, pulling each section straight up until you have sectioned and cut all of your hair. Make sure that you use sharp scissors and keep your hair damp throughout the whole process. Make sure to not tilt your scissors, your hair will be longer on one side if you do. When cutting the top section of your hair make sure you keep hair at the previous guideline, it is easy to cut shorter and shorter the farther back you go.

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