End Those Split End Nightmares

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For women who have very long hair or those trying to grow out their locks split ends is a nightmare they hope will not come true. The only way to get rid of those split ends and have a healthy vibrant looking head of hair is to get them cut off. So avoiding split ends means being able to avoid hair cuts you do not really want to have.

One of the biggest causes for split ends in hair is excess heat and the damage that can come from your hair losing its own natural moisture. For women this means that you need to choose your hair styling tools carefully and use them as they are made to be used in order to ward off the potential for split ends occurring in your hair.

Choosing hair tools wisely means using professional hair tools that are designed with the latest technology to be gentle on your hair while they do their job. These hair tools use science to keep your hair naturally moist by finding other ways than pure heat to dry and style your hair. With ionic technology and high tech materials you can get the best for your hair and avoid split ends in the process.

FHI Flat Irons and Breast Cancer Research

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Breast cancer touches the lives of almost everybody in one of another. Whether you are diagnosed yourself, a family member has fought the battle with this cancer, or you are genetically predisposed almost everyone is touched. For women this form of cancer can be devastating to cope with and science still has so much more to learn about the disease.

The makers of FHI flat irons has brought back their pink styling tools which are so popular with women to aid in the raising of funds for more research into breast cancer. These are the famous hair irons that can give you that gorgeous straight hair that you want in a fun pink color. Plus a portion of each sale of the pink FHI flat iron goes toward Pink Link an online non-profit agency which is helping find the cure for this cancer which touches the lives of so very many women and the families that depend on them.

Of course this offer is good for not only flat irons but also all the pink colored FHI hair styling products. This includes blow dryers and curling irons on top of the really cool pink flat iron.

What Makes Ionic Hair Dryers So Good

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What exactly are ionic hair dryers? It seems everywhere you turn they are the talk of every salon and hairdressing shop with everyone discussing whether they truly benefit your hair or are just a lot of hype to sell hair dryers. Negative ions are known for their ability to break down the water that is in your hair to essentially dissolve it away, not just blast it off with lots of hot air. These same negative ions are also great for helping your hair retain its own natural moisture so that frizz will be a thing of the past once you use these units. Whether you believe in the science or not, ionic hairdryers will dry hair quicker than regular models and they are much lighter weight and easier to use in the process.

Ionic Hair Dryers

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One of the hottest new styling tools available are the ionic hair dyers, which are being, touted as the absolute best way to blow dry your hair. There are those who debate the science behind ionic blow dryers and feel that it is all marketing hype. Yet Consumer Reports independently studied the blow dryers and concluded that they indeed leave hair shiny and healthier looking when used and they dried hair quicker than regular blow dryers. Once you try out this ionic technology you will become a true believer as well in the effectiveness and quality of these blow dryers.