While Flat Irons Are Better With Tourmaline

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Hair irons have come a long way in the past few years as technology has made advances, which make them less harmful to the hair than they originally were. First flat irons were exposed metal plates that were run through the hair to remove the frizz and curl. Eventually ceramic began to be used to cover the metal, which greatly reduced the damage that the very hot metal was having on the hair. Of course now you can get ceramic flat irons that are combined with tourmaline for the ultimate in straightening but in an iron that will not damage your hair despite regular use.

Of course the biggest advantage of a tourmaline flat iron is the additional negative ions that comes with their use. Tourmaline produces more negative ions, which help lock moisture in your hair. This will reduce the risk of damage that is associated with hair that is dried out from over styling. But the ionic technology is not the only benefit. Tourmaline also has great heating efficiency and can straighten hair faster than a ceramic alone iron. This will reduce the amount of time your hair will be in contact with the plates once again keeping you from damaging your hair while styling it.

Protect Yourself From Winter Hair

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It’s January and winter is in full swing with record snow falls and cold temperatures all across North America. When you get ready to get outside, you always think to bundle up, covering your hands and face, but what about your hair? That’s right. Your hair needs to be protected from the cold winter weather too.

If you forget to care for your hair in the winter, you will notice that it becomes drier, more damaged, flyaway and harder to style. Winter hair. Winter hair happens because there is often less moisture in the air during the colder months, and without moisture, your hair will eventually become stripped of the essential moisture that it needs to keep looking good. Besides the cold weather outside, once you get inside, you’re faced with heaters running full blast, blowing dry stale air into the environment which just adds to the dryness in your hair.

So what can you do to protect your hair this winter? There are a few easy steps you can take to keep your hair looking its best despite the temperature outside. The first thing you need to do is to protect your hair. Just as you put gloves on your hands, wrap your hair in a scarf or hat to keep it protected from the wind and the harsh elements. It is important to be sure that while it’s protecting your hair, you don’t want it to be so tight that it restricts circulation to your scalp which will only cause damage as well.

Even if you don’t use conditioner on a regular basis, it’s important to use it everyday during the winter months. If you are worried about the conditioner weighing down your hair, or causing your hair to become greasy, apply only to the ends of your hair that are most likely to be affected by the wind.

Be sure to never go outside with wet hair. Despite increasing the risk that you will get sick, you could cause major damage to your hair. If your hair freezes, it can easily break and become damaged. Also, you will lose valuable moisture by taking your hair outside while it’s still wet.

Try to limit the amount of exposure you have to heat styling tools that don’t lock in moisture. By this, I mean hair styling tools that use heat to dry the hair and do not retain moisture. However, this does not limit you to not styling your hair at all. There are hair styling tools on the market that will actually benefit your hair because they lock in moisture instead of stripping your hair of it.

Look for ionic hair dryers that utilize negative ions to infuse your hair, locking in the necessary moisture and natural oils. These hair dryers also dry your hair up to 65% faster than other dryers which means you aren’t exposing your hair to as much heat. Hair straighteners that use ceramic plates or titanium plates are also a good idea because they seal in natural oils and moisture so your hair will not become dry and brittle. Hair irons with tourmaline are especially good because the tourmaline creates negative ions that seal the cuticle, so that hair is protected and healthy looking.

By taking the proper precautions and using the correct hair tools this winter, you don’t need to suffer from winter hair this year. Instead you will have luscious looking hair all year long.

Brazilian Straightening Or Flat Irons

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Many women are now turning to the Brazilian hair straightening technique to get those sleek straight locks that they wish they had been born with. But there is still a debate as to the safety of this hair straightening technique. There has been plenty of claims that the chemicals applied to the hair during this straightening process contain formaldehyde which can be extremely dangerous especially if the person getting their hair straightened has a reaction to this substance.

Of course for women who are nursing or pregnant this technique should never be used to straighten your hair. But for the rest of us it will be like the Japanese hair straightening method; something we should consider carefully. Anytime you choose to subject your hair to harsh chemicals you run the risk of possible complications and you will be placing a lot of stress and damage upon your hair. Of course if you do not want to take this risk to get straight hair there are plenty of professional flat irons that will get the job done with the harsh chemicals. These irons can be used daily if the proper temperature is used on the iron so hair is not exposed to too much heat.