Celebrities Going Red

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I love red hair and it seems celebrities such as Kat Von D and Jessica Alba do too! Kat has chosen a bold, bright red hue where as Jessica Alba’s red hair is a little more natural looking shade of dark auburn. Red hair is a hot trend and a big part of 2010 Summer Hairstyles.

Shades of auburn and copper are popular shades of red and although you can get red hair from a bottle, for the most natural looking red hair I would suggest you see your stylist!

If you choose to go red keep in mind that red is the fastest hair color to fade so be sure to use hair care products for color treated hair to help keep your new hue looking fresh and vibrant!

View and try on Jessica Alba hairstyles at the

2010 Spring Hair Color Trends

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Spring is the perfect time for a new hair color. Here are some of the 2010 Spring Hair Color Trends to help inspire you.

Reds – Natural looking shades of red and auburn are hot this spring. If you like something a little bolder opt for tones of copper and plum.

Brunettes – Coffee, walnut and caramel shades with well blended highlights are popular hair colors this Spring 2010.

Blondes – Seamless highlights and warm, honey tones are in this spring along with golds and platinum.

Infrared Heat for Better Hair Straightening

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Many times the quality in a professional hair styling iron cannot be seen in the iron itself only in the results that can be achieved when working with the hair. One feature that makes these high-end hair straighteners better than the rest is the infrared heat used to straighten the hair of its frizz and curl. Infrared heat gets deep inside the hair as opposed to just warming the outer layers to get a more effective heat on the locks which will straighten it much more effectively than just by heating up the outside. This means less time it needed per strand you are straightening and less potential for damaging and drying out hair that will leave the style less than perfect.