Corioliss Hair Styling Tools

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For quite some time now the hair styling industry has been a little stuck in a rut. True the leading companies were advancing their products to be even better year by year, but there was still something missing. Finally Corioliss came along and shook up the industry with their new approach to styling tools and making women look their best. Corioliss wants stylists to think outside of the box and stop blindly following the trends and styles that we see on the runway. These looks are good but every woman has the right to be gorgeous with a look all her own and not just a reproduction of the hot looks for models.

Corioliss has a large line of ceramic hair irons that are designed for stylists who want to think out of the box and make a name for themselves making everyday women look absolutely incredible. These tools are made with the best materials so they will not only be easy to work with but will also be gentle to the hair of those who use them. Plus they are real professional hair styling tools so you can count on them to work perfectly for many, many uses not just once in awhile.

Ceramic Curling Irons With Tourmaline

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For quite some time curling irons have come with ceramic barrels which are much healthier for the hair resulting in a great looking style that you can be proud of and with no fear of causing excess damage to your hair. Now many makers are infusing tourmaline crystals into these ceramic curling iron barrels to enhance the effects of the negative ions that are naturally part of the ceramic anyway. The tourmaline crystals increase the effect and add to the negative ions so that your hair will be much healthier styling with these curling irons than with any other models available.

Curls Are Back In Style

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For quite some time now long straight hair has been the hairstyle of choice for most women who love to follow the fashion trends. But now curly hair is making a comeback as the in style with gorgeous wavy curls coming in varying shapes to give the hair a sassy carefree look. While a hair straightening iron can be used in a pinch to get some curl into your hair, a professional curling iron is really the best hair tool for the job.

To get these hot wavy curls that every woman is eyeing this fall you will need a 1 inch curling iron or larger. This is big enough to create wavy curls and if placed randomly in the hair will create that beach look that is so in right now. Of course you do not have to have long hair to create this look, to some degree this can be accomplished in short hair as well. The trick is to create curl sparingly and make them random throughout the hair. Keeping it loose will give the appearance of carefree bouncy hair perfect for at the office or even on the town.