Caring For Your Salon Quality Scissors

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If you spend the extra money to get a pair of professional salon quality scissors then care should be taken to keep them at their absolute best. Most professional scissors are made with stainless steel and if properly cared for they will effectively cut hair day in and day out with precision. If hair is not cut smoothly and cleanly then it will develop split ends and not be at its healthiest.

It is important to keep these scissors clean for the best cutting to be performed by the blades. After each use the blades should be cleaned with a soft cloth to reduce build up on the them, which can make the cutting ineffective.

The scissors should be properly lubricated so they cutting action is smooth on the hair. This is accomplished by putting a couple of drops of oil on the pivot on a regular basis.
Many professional scissors come with a quality case to store them in and proper storage will keep the blades from being nicked or damaged.

Proper care of your salon hair scissors will ensure your investment in quality shears will always result in a great hair cut from them so you or your clients look your absolute best.

Caring for Your Hair Flat Iron

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We have talked a lot about using hair straightening irons to get smooth and silky looking hair, but if you do not take care of that professional hair styling tool it will not work effectively on your hair for the long term. Really ceramic hair irons are very easy to take care of and require very little other than being kept clean and proper storage. Of course it is obvious you should allow your hair iron to completely cool before you clean and store it after each use.

Whenever you use a flat iron to straighten your hair the styling products you are using will start to collect on the ceramic plates of your flat iron. These products can start to create a gummy mess that will make the plates less effective on your hair. You can get professional hair straightener cleaner, which will clean the plates of any build up and help prolong the life of your hair flat iron. These cleaners will leave the ceramic plates not only clean, but also smoother so that they will glide through your hair with ease for better hair straightening performance.

You should also store your hair straightener in a place it will not get damage to the plates and never should you wrap the cord around the iron as this will damage the cord and ruin the iron.