Give Up Boring Cuts

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I grew up with a hairstylist whom my family was very devout to and also served as a second mom to me. I have never gotten a haircut from anyone other than my long-time stylist. I have mastered exactly how she works toward cutting hair and the exact tools she uses in the process. I have seen her in action so many times that sometimes I swear I could be her. But recently, I watched a friend perform a cut on a client and realized there are so many more tools available for stylists. It was like I came out of my sheltered styling life that I was living.

Although I’m not a hairstylist myself, Jeanette (my hairdresser) has always told me the exact tools that she uses on my hair and all the things I need to know about her process of styling. Since I have grown up watching her give cuts, I haven’t known there to be any other way to cut someone’s hair. It was amazing to me to see how much there is to offer in the world of hair salons and styling besides just hair scissors and hairspray.

My friend began her process with a fresh wash. She then moved over to her cutting station where she began her actual haircut with the professional shears. The shears she used were very high-profile and glided right through the client’s hair. This part of the process is the only part I’ve ever seen take place. The next part was the big surprise for me; my friend got out her “texturizing shears” and began creating layers upon layers of hair and removing excess bulk in the client’s hair. After she got all of the texturizing done, she moved on to the bangs. She styled this part of the hair but using a razor and running it through the ends of the bangs to take off split ends and excess bulk, once again.

I, of course, have heard of texturizing shears and a razor but I had never seen them in action, so I had never known the performance they gave. I was truly amazed by these two tools and all they had to offer. If you were in the same position as me and have never really had anything done to your hair other than a trim every time you visit your stylist, it’s time to get rid of the boring cuts. Next time you get a haircut, make it a cut, not just a trim, by asking your stylist to use her texturizing shears and razor to help blend some new layers and make your hair healthier and lighter on your shoulders.

How Often Should Scissors Be Sharpened?

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Many hairstylists often ask how often they should get their scissors sharpened as they know if they wait until the scissors do not cut as well then it is already well past time to get it done. The best hair scissors according to many top makers of professional shears will last for approximately 700 haircuts or roughly 90 days for the average user. Of course this number can be higher or lower and there is no absolute easy way to tell but for many stylists this rule of thumb works out fairly well to keep those scissors cutting their best.

Affordable Professional Scissors for Students

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It does not take a rocket scientist to look at the costs of professional shears and realize that for the student in cosmetology school these may be just too expensive with the other costs they have of going to school. Luckily brands like Kamisori have student shears that are made with the same high quality materials and attention for detail but as a lower cost for the student on a budget. These are the perfect scissors to get the future hairstylist off to a successful career without blowing their budget before they ever get started.