Why Japanese Scissors Are Better

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If you are searching for a quality pair of professional scissors for your salon or just your personal use than surely you have heard of the Japanese hair scissors which are all the rage in the business right now. These high quality hair scissors are not only made with the absolute best materials so the blades come to a sharp edge for a perfect cut each and every time. Japanese scissors and shears also utilize convex blades, which require less effort and strain on the hand in order to cut the hair. This is perfect for those who spend lots of time cutting hair each day and do not want the strain that occurs to the wrist when a repetitive action happens.

How Many Times Can Professional Scissors Be Sharpened?

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One question many hairstylist have is how many times a pair of scissors can be sharpened and yet still get beautiful effective hair cuts while using them. A quality pair of professional hair cutting scissors if sharpened correctly can last for a very long time. Of course after many sharpenings it is important to make sure the scissors are adjusted properly to make sure the tips still meet. After being sharpened several times the blades and tips need to be checked that they are coming together as they should. For the most part though well cared for professional scissors and shears will last for a very long if cared for properly.

Getting Your Scissors Sharpened By Someone Qualified

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Sharpening your scissors can be a very tricky prospect and not trusted to just any sharpening company even if they are great at what they do. Sharpening hair scissors is nothing like sharpening knives, so just because a company is skilled at cutlery does not make them the best hair scissors sharpening company available. You should trust your professional scissors and shears to someone who is well versed in sharpening these implements so that the job is done right so your tools for cutting hair are at their best so you can give great haircuts that will have the customers coming back to you every time.

Kamisori Shears For Breast Cancer Research

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Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month it is a great time to think of those who have been affected with this horrible disease which sadly is just about everyone in one way or another. For the hairdresser who needs a new pair of scissors and wants to do her part to help in the cause buying a pair of Kamisori Rosa shears will not only get you one of the best professional scissors available but also get a donation to the Breast Cancer Foundation for the research needed to find a cure for not only our generation but for future women as well.

Using The Best Scissors For The Best Haircut Results

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Split ends in your hair are something most women dread and hope they never get. One of the causes of split ends is the use of dull or blunt scissors to cut the hair and this results in a jagged edge on the ends as opposed to a smooth even cut. These jagged tips can quickly become split ends, which will result in hair damage that must be cut away. To ensure that your hair does not get split ends from a poor cut try to always use high quality professional hair cutting scissors that are well maintained and sharp.

Maintaining scissors is relatively easy and can make the hair cut not only a better one, but it will also extend the life of the shears. Always keep the scissors clean by wiping them down after each use. It is also important to keep the hinge lubricated for the best cutting action and to store the scissors in a safe place while not in use. Sharpening professional scissors is another story for most hairdressers. Getting a good keen edge is not as easy as it sounds and this task should therefore be trusted with a sharpening professional. Of course not everyone is really good at this so make sure the service you are going to use is experienced in hair scissors before trusting them with your best set for sharpening.

Using the Right Scissors To Prevent Injury

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When most people think of carpal tunnel syndrome and other repetition induced wrist injuries they think first of the secretary at the office typing on her computer as the most likely to suffer from this problem. Of course some of the first cases were out of that industry, but it is definitely not a problem just for them. Hairdressers are a prime target for carpal tunnel and these other wrist injuries since holding scissors as well as blow dryers and more all day is the same type of repetition, which brings this health problem on and can possibly end a career.

Just as the secretary in the office had special products designed for her to help her avoid this injury during the course of her day the same goes for hairdressers and their tools. Companies such as Kamisori have designed their hairdressing scissors to be not only some of the best performing scissors in the industry but they are also ergonomically designed to prevent these injuries as well. These professional scissors are perfectly balanced and the steel blades will retain their sharpness for much longer than poorly made scissors. So not only are these scissors great for your hands but also your clients will get the best haircut possible.

Starting With A Good Haircut

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A beautiful look starts with a great haircut! You can purchase the best hair care products and even hair styling tools, but if your hairstyle is not a good one in the first place you will not look your best. Choosing a good style for you is no longer that difficult since with computer technology you can see how it will look on you before your hair is ever near the scissors. But it will be up to your stylist to make sure that style and your hair come together as they should. This starts with a quality pair of professional scissors that cut the hair smoothly and precisely.

The Importance Of Professional Scissors

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For the hairstylist a quality pair of scissors is the most important tool of their trade. Whether giving cuts to men or women it will only turn out looking its best if the hair is cut smoothly and precisely. Cheap scissors leave jagged edges and can cause possible split ends, but a quality pair of hairdressing scissors will remain sharp of cared for properly and will give a great haircut every time. Though they may cost more than many other shears those made from the best material will retain their sharpness and edge to create all the hottest looks.

Affordable Professional Scissors for Students

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It does not take a rocket scientist to look at the costs of professional shears and realize that for the student in cosmetology school these may be just too expensive with the other costs they have of going to school. Luckily brands like Kamisori have student shears that are made with the same high quality materials and attention for detail but as a lower cost for the student on a budget. These are the perfect scissors to get the future hairstylist off to a successful career without blowing their budget before they ever get started.

Using Professional Scissors For Cutting Hair

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Cutting your own hair or someone else’s can be challenging enough, but if you are trying to do this with a poor pair of scissors than the job becomes even trickier. A sharp quality pair of professional hair scissors can make the job a so much easier task. Sharp scissors that are also well balanced, will do a far superior job or cutting hair so that it not only looks its best, but it will remain healthy and not develop split ends. Professional quality scissors made from stainless steel will also retain their sharpness better and last longer than any other type of shears, which in the long run is better for the hair you cut.

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