Straightening Very Curly Hair

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Many girls with very tight curly hair think there is no hope for their hair and they will always have to have a hair style using those curls. They want straight sleek hair, but feel there is just no way to straighten out the extreme curls they were born with. This is not the case though; hair straightening irons can straighten out the curliest hair. It is essential to get a professional iron with a variable temperature setting as very curly hair will need to use a higher setting than someone with thin or slightly curly hair will need to get the job done.

You Ask – What is an Infrared Hair Iron?

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Infrared Heat is produced when ceramic and tourmaline are used together in a hair straightener.

An Infrared Straightener has many benefits as this type of heating heats the hair from the inside out causing much less damage to the surface of the hair. Heat is distributed much more evenly and works to produce faster results meaning your hair is straightened much quicker with a flat iron that uses Infrared Heat than one which does not.

So, you get quicker results and less damage using an infrared flat iron.

You Ask – What is the Best Hair Straightener that Curls?

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When it comes to choosing a hair flat iron that you also plan on using to curl your hair there are a few things to consider in order to get the best results.

Although the brand of your hair iron won’t necessarily determine on weather you can curl with it or not, a professional hair straightener is recommended for a few reasons. One being that it will reach a higher temperature thus providing a better hold for curls on all types of hair. For other reasons why a professional iron is recommended please For other reasons why a professional iron is recommended please see our Top 7 Reasons Every Woman Needs a Professional Hair Iron.

A hair straightener with plates that are 1″ – 1.5″ wide are going to do the best job at curling your hair. If the plates are too wide you will have a hard time getting the flat iron to curl your hair.

1″ Plates

How to use your hair straightener as a curling iron.