Finding The Best Flat Iron For You

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If you take the time to research flat irons online before making your purchase you will find many brands with many models all claiming to be the best flat iron. Each will claim they are the best at straightening your hair while leaving it healthy and vibrant in the process. Most even have reviews online from average users just like you who have tried and even bought the iron and love to use it on their particular hair type. So if they all are so good how do you know what is the best flat iron for you?

For the most part if you only shop at stores that cater to the professional hair stylist you will be looking at hair irons that will be effective and will damage your hair if used correctly. These irons are made from quality materials such as titanium and solid ceramic plates. Plus they use the latest research for locking in moisture such as ionic infusing. Cheaper drugstore flat irons, which are not made as well such as models with coated ceramic plates, are the ones that you will want to avoid. But for the most part you will not find hair irons like these at a store, which caters to the professional and the serious home user.

Recreate Your Look at Home with the Right Tools

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Every woman loves that feeling when they leave the hair salon after a fresh cut and style. The bounce and the healthy swing of your hair as you spin around and look at yourself in the mirror is perfect. The frustration can set in the next morning however, when you try to recreate the magic that your stylist so easily applied to your hair.


How is it that your stylist can instantly and easily create a stunning hair style in minutes and you struggle at the mirror pulling your hair in awkward directions, combing, brushing and spraying and you still cannot make your hair look the way she did? Well, for starters your stylist is a professional, and they got to be a professional by training and practicing for years. Chances are good you’re not a professional hair stylist.


But does that mean that you can’t have beautiful hair at home, or that you must head into the salon every day in order to recreate some of that magic? No, not at all. Just because you aren’t a professional, does mean that you have to live with less than beautiful hair. In fact, with just a little bit of information and the right tools, you will be on your way to stunning hair in no time.


Next time you get your hair styled be sure to have an open conversation with your stylist. Tell her that you would really like a style that you can do at home. And then ask her to show you and teach you how she does what she does. You may have to book a little bit of extra time for this, so be sure that you tell her when you’re making the appointment so that she doesn’t rush you through. Ask her to walk you through everything she is doing, from the blow dry, to the finished result.


At home you will need the correct tools in order to achieve the style. Does your stylist use a hair straightener? Or a curling iron? Chances are good that you have a blow dryer, but is it an effective one? If you have to spend a long time drying your hair with an ineffective dryer, you are exposing your hair to unnecessary heat which will cause frizzies and frizzy hair will not contribute to the final look you are going for.


Ask your stylist for suggestions about what tools would be best for your hair type and make the investment in a quality hair straightener and a curling iron. Another thing that you will need to achieve your style is the right set of styling products. What does your stylist use in your hair? Gel, mouse, a serum? Ask her what products she uses and why. Invest in those same products but be sure you are using them correctly.


Once you have had your tutorial on how to style your hair and you are armed with all the tools and products that you will need. Go home and practice, practice, practice. Try to take some time where you can experiment and try out the techniques before you have to go out. This is a great thing to do in the evening or on a weekend. But do not put a time pressure on yourself by experimenting right before an important date or night out.


Perfecting your style takes time and practice but the best way to achieve the look you want is with the right arsenal of tools. After a bit of practice with a good set of hair styling tools, you will be surprised at how fast you can recreate your beautiful hair style. Oh ya, and don’t forget to tip your stylist for her extra effort in helping you look amazing!

Professional Left Handed Scissors

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Whether you are a professional hair stylist or just someone who cuts the hair of your own family having a good pair of scissors to do the job is essential for a precise haircut. If you are left handed than finding a quality pair of shears can be even tougher to find since so many hair styling tools are made for those who are right handed. Kamisori has left handed scissors that are of the same quality and precision as their popular right handed versions. These are perfect for anyone who wants a reliable pair of shears that will cut hair perfectly every time.

My Hair Styling Tools New Professional Hair Stylist Blogger!

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I wanted to make a quick introduction to our new blog writer, Nicole. We are very excited to have a Professional Hair Stylist write for our Blog!


Nicole started her profession in Hair Styling back in 1987 at Moler School of Hair Dressing in New Westminster, BC. Nicole was the youngest student in her class and passed her course with honors, scoring 100% on her Final Exam!

Nicole then went on to work at one of the top salons in White Rock, BC, named Meisha’s. After 4 years at the salon Nicole decided to take her business mobile and has been styling, cutting and dyeing hair since!

“It all started at the age of 5 when I decided to secretly cut my 2 year old brothers hair early one morning while my parents slept. Needless to say, it wasn’t the best hair cut but I sure had a lot of fun playing hair dresser! It was from that moment that I knew I wanted to do hair!”


Hairstylist Interview with Michelle Cousins

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1. Name
Michelle Cousins

2. Where do you currently work?
Lewis hair team in Ipswich [check it out at]

3. How long have you been a stylist?
I have been at current job for 3 years [senior stylist] and a stylist for 2 years.

4. Which hairstyle is ‘Hot’ Right now?
I have to say the bob is still a huge style at the moment, I’m still doing loads of them, but I also think long and curly is making its way back, barrel curls, very boho. Anything with lots of layers very textured and choppy styles, long or short.

5. And ‘Not’?
Personally I think poker straight hair is not so hot now, especially for the party season we are in, its good to see more body and movement.

6. What hair color do you recommend for the upcoming season?
Colours for next season i have got my money on lots of warm brunettes,flat browns and coppers, these colours will also match the trend on the catwalk too.

7. Have you ever worked your magic on a celebrity? If so who? If not, then who would be your dream client?
I have not had the privilege of doing any celebrity’s [I'm not sure some of the Ipswich town footballers will count] although I would say I would love to get my hands on Russell Brand, Demi Moore and Sarah Jessicca Parker.