Do Regular Trims Really Encourage Growth?

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Is it really true that trimming your hair makes it grow faster? Is this a fact or is it just an old wives’ tale? Well, neither. Or both, depending on how you look at it. For some hair types, trimming up the ends each month can be very beneficial when it comes to growth. On the other hand, some hair types will not benefit at all from this regular snip snip every couple of months.

The average person experiences about ½ inch of hair growth per month. Moreover, people can lose more than 100 individual hair strands every month.  It’s important to determine which type of hair you have in order to decide whether you should be doing a regular trim.

If the ends of your hair tend to break off regularly or you experience damaged hair, you are part of the group that should spend some quality time with some hair scissors. Unhealthy hair will experience split ends on a regular basis. These ends will break off, causing your hair to seem as though it’s never growing. Ask your hair dresser to use high quality professional hair scissors to trim only the very ends of your hair and this should encourage healthy, happy growth. These are the people who view the “trimming will help your hair grow faster” idea as fact.

On the other hand, if you have healthy, strong hair, you may not be doing yourself any favors with the monthly trims. If you have few split ends and little breakage, trimming the hair will likely cause more harm than good in your hair growing efforts. These are the people who view the “trimming will help your hair grow faster” idea as a myth.

Decide with your hair dreser whether or not you fall into the category of “split ends” and whether or not you need regular trims. Talk to him or her about “micro-trimming” or “dusting” your ends. This is a process that can be done with an extremely sharp pair of hair scissors. The hair scissors MUST be extremely sharp for this process to work.

This trim removes less than ½ inch of hair with each snip. It is ideal for trimming split ends without losing length. No type of trimming will actually make hair follicles grow faster, but in some cases it can improve the appearance of hair and help extend the length by preventing breakage.

A Guide to Selecting Hair Shears

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Kamisori Black Diamond Shear Set

Kamisori Black Diamond Shear Set

Spending day after day cutting and shaping and blending and thinning can put a lot of stress on your muscles, but the right hair scissors provide every comfort enhancing feature available.

Because you’re learning, you’ll try out your hair scissors on many styles of hair and use them for many different cuts.  This makes it vital for you to have quality hair scissors that will last.  Hair scissors are your equipment; they are your most important tool.

The Kamisori 5.75”Ergonomic Student Shears are made from 440C high chromium Stainless Steel.  It is made with special corrosion resistant properties to ensure that they don’t rust or become damaged and this metal provides the highest durability so these student hair scissors will last throughout all of your training.

It’s important to use the proper blade for each hair cut.  Convex and Bevel blades are the most used types.  Bevel blades have been around for a long time and are the oldest style used today.  Because of it’s older design, scissors with bevel blades need more forced to open and close.  It can easily add pain and strain to your hand and fingers.  Just consider how many times you open and close your shears during one hair cut.  The convex blade is a newer, updated blade and is used on nearly all training shears.  It is a state of the art, smooth blade that requires less force.  Convex blades are required for slide cutting because bevel blades will leave the hair choppy and gapped.

To make shears more easily adjustable, tension systems have evolved and grown to be the most efficient possible.  There are five tensions systems on professional hair shears:  The Coin Adjustable, Round Click Dial Adjustable, Leaf Spring Assembly, Rotating Thumb Ball Bearing and Ball Bearing Pivot System.  The purpose of a tension system is to allow the hair stylist to adjust how the shears open and close.  If the tension is too tight, the shears will cut the hair poorly and it will cause a lot of unnecessary damage to the hair shears.  If the tension is too loose, the blades will simply bend the hair rather than cutting it. The coin adjustable system is the oldest tensions system available; it is considered an industry standard and very dependable.

Round click dial tension systems are more precise because the scissors make an audible click with each adjustment. The leaf spring adjustable tensions system is modified version of the previous two styles that allows for much more control and accuracy when adjusting the tension.  The balance it offers to hair shears results in a longer lasting set of scissors.  Both of the ball bearing tensions styles allow for more stability and movement when using the hair scissors.

Finger rests are an option feature available on most hair scissors and provides a new level of comfort and/or stability.  It can reduce muscle stress and prevent injury, especially CTS (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome) and RSI (Repetive Strain Injury).  There is no hard-fast answer for using a finger rest.  Its use is based on the desire of the stylist. Because of this, some professional hair shears come with a finger rest and some don’t.  On some shears, the finger rest is removable, allowing each student to try cutting hair with and without the rest.  No matter what their preference, students will be able to work comfortable with these kinds of shears.

The final feature discussed in this article is the thumb ring, or swivel thumb ring. Many scissors are manufactured with stationary thumb rings, but for a new hair stylist, it is important to use scissors that can adjust to his or her preferences.  It’s also valuable in that it give a student the opportunity to try using the scissors at different angles to help decide what works best.  Many high quality shears have a thumb ring that adjusts to any angle to increase comfort and leverage and to provide options to each new stylist.

Professional hair shears come in a vast variety of shapes, sizes and designs.  They range from very inexpensive and very low quality to extremely expensive and the highest quality.  This tool is an smart investment, and hair scissors are not something that can be taken lightly.  The least expensive pair of professional hair shears is almost never the best option; with poor quality scissors your will deliver poor quality cuts and hinder your career.  It’s important to invest in the best tools not only for your career, but during your schooling as well.