Solis Professional Hair Dryer

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Looking for a Professional Hair dryer that fits your budget? Solis Hair Dryers provide you with professional results at a price that wont break the bank!

European Made Professional Hair Dryers by Solis are the Best Selling Hair Dryers amongst European Hair Stylists. These powerful hair dryers provide you with faster hair drying time and with the added features such as heavy duty European Swiss made motors, professional cords and removable, easy to clean filters you get a hairdryer that is made to last.

Solis Blow Dryers are manufactured in Switzerland to the highest quality standards and have passed a very careful final inspection. With multiple heat settings, cool shot button and optional speed settings, it’s no wonder why the Solis is a popular choice and has a great reputation amongst stylists. All Solis blow dryers come with a One-Year Warranty, effective from the date of purchase.

Avoiding That Winter Frizz

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Frizz can be a major problem in the winter do to the lack of moisture that is in the air to help our hair stay hydrated and healthy looking. One simple solution is to use a tourmaline professional hair dryer after you wash your hair or even before you style it to get rid of that frizzy hair that plagues you this time of year. Tourmaline when combined with ceramic releases lots of negative ions which will bind with the positive ions that are in your hair making it look frizzy to neutralize it and make it more manageable and less dried out.

What To Look For In A Professional Hair Dryer

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If you purchase your hair styling tools at a drugstore than you are really missing out on the benefits of having quality hair tools that get the job done effectively and with the best results possible. Professional hair dryers have a higher wattage, which will mean faster drying times even for the thickest fullest hair. These dryers will also have variable speed and temperature settings as well as cool shot buttons for the best drying for your hair and for that final locking in of your style so to speak. Of course the largest benefit to these dryers is the durability you will get from one since they are designed to be used often and always perform their best.

Using Your Hair Dryer Correctly

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Many women do not use their hair dryer correctly and even though they may have purchased a quality professional hair dryer they will not receive the best results from it. Some tips for using that dryer correctly include; not holding the dryer in one spot too long, not having the nozzle too close, and always make sure you blot your hair dry before beginning with the hair dryer. Having a quality blow dryer is a key to good healthy hair, but not using that dryer correctly will hamper your efforts to look your absolute best.

Buying A Professional Hair Dryers

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Before you run out and purchase a inexpensive hair dryer from a drugstore to replace the one that stopped working after only a few months of drying your hair, maybe you should look into a professional hair dryer from Karmin. The G3Pro is a excellent ionic professional hair dryer that will not only last so much longer than those other hair dryers you are always replacing, but it will keep your hair healthier as well. These hair dryers are made with the finest of materials and though they may cost just a little more in the initial purchase, they are worth every penny in the long run.

Taking Care of Your Professional Hair Dryer

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No matter how good of a hair dryer you purchase if you do not take care of it you can bet it will not last long at all. One thing many women forget on their professional hair dryers are the filters, which help trap dust and keep it out of the dryer. These filters need removed occasionally to be cleaned to help the dryer not only filter out dust, but also to keep them from becoming clogged and possibly overheated because of that. Properly cleaning your hair dyer filter will extend the life of the unit significantly making your hair tools investment last much longer.

Using Your Hair Dryer Properly

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Many women pay good money for top quality blow dryers such as a ionic or tourmaline hair dryer; but when they use them they do not use them correctly to get the best benefits of their professional hair dryer. These women just blow dry their hair as is and do not section it off into small easy to manage areas, thus keeping the air from passing through easily. By sectioning the hair off into smaller easy to manage areas the hair will dry much quicker and get the full benefits of the negative ions with the professional hair dryer.

Buying A Professional Hair Dryer

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There is more to buying a good hair dryer than just taking one from the shelves, buying it, and taking it home. Many professional hair dryers can come in models, which include a temperature setting just as other hair tools do. This allows the user to pick the amount of heat used to dry their hair. This is very useful for those with fine hair or damaged hair that do not need the blast of heat that someone with thick healthy hair uses to dry their hair. By having a variable temperature setting you can always adjust your hair dryer to your needs at any given time.

Using A Diffuser on Your Hair Dryer

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Many women wash and blow dry their hair daily, and this can be hard on it especially when you add in the blow drying and styling. One way to ease the stress from all of this styling is to use a professional hair dryer with a diffuser on the end to concentrate the air flow on your hair. A professional blow dryer can dry hair quicker and with less damage. Plus by using the diffuser the airflow can be centered on the hair so less energy is wasted on the area around the hair and more is used on the wet locks.

Avoiding Split Ends

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Split ends are generally caused by over drying of the hair and this is easily done with cheap drugstore hair dryers. These dryers are blowing very hot dry air onto the hair and this causes the hair to dry and lose its own natural oils, which is needed keep hair healthy and free of split ends. Once the oil is stripped and removed the hair no longer has the protection this provides and it will begin to split into two and three strands on the end of each hair. Unfortunately the only way to cure this is to remove the damaged hair by trimming it off. Once that is done you should always use a professional hair dryer to ensure that the hair is not exposed to hot dry air again to dry it out.

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