Using the Right Scissors To Prevent Injury

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When most people think of carpal tunnel syndrome and other repetition induced wrist injuries they think first of the secretary at the office typing on her computer as the most likely to suffer from this problem. Of course some of the first cases were out of that industry, but it is definitely not a problem just for them. Hairdressers are a prime target for carpal tunnel and these other wrist injuries since holding scissors as well as blow dryers and more all day is the same type of repetition, which brings this health problem on and can possibly end a career.

Just as the secretary in the office had special products designed for her to help her avoid this injury during the course of her day the same goes for hairdressers and their tools. Companies such as Kamisori have designed their hairdressing scissors to be not only some of the best performing scissors in the industry but they are also ergonomically designed to prevent these injuries as well. These professional scissors are perfectly balanced and the steel blades will retain their sharpness for much longer than poorly made scissors. So not only are these scissors great for your hands but also your clients will get the best haircut possible.

Getting That Curl Under Out of Your Hair

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Some people have hair that tends to curl under at the tips and this can be frustrating when you want perfectly smooth straight hair. A great solution to this is to use a hair straightening iron to get this curl under out of your hair. After your hair is completely dry use the iron to smooth out that curl on the end by slowly gliding the hot iron over the section of hair that is curling up and you can effectively get rid of that annoying curl up. For many this will stay put perfectly until the next time your hair is washed and dried.

Getting Curls That Will Stay In Your Hair

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Have you ever spent hours curling your hair and the minute you leave the house the curl just comes right out and you are left with the look of straight hair that needs to be combed? For some people the curls just will not stay in their locks and putting too many styling products on the hair to keep it place just makes it stiff and untouchable which nobody wants hair like that. If you truly want great curls without having to use too many styling products then take a good look at your curling iron since that is probably a large part of your problem.

Cheap drugstore curling irons are actually not very good at heating up evenly throughout the blades and this means that your hair will curl at different rates based on how hot each spot is. In the areas on the blade that are not as hot the hair will not curl as effectively as in the warmer areas. This means your hair will look curled when in actuality it is only partially curled. For truly great looking curls that will stay once you are done using your iron you should consider spending just a bit more for a professional ceramic curling iron which heats up evenly for effective curling.

Damaged Hair – Repair Hair Damage

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Having damaged hair can be distressing. You spend all your money on products that promise results, you style your hair, hope for the best and still your hair looks damaged in the final process. How can you fix your hair once it is damaged? Well, we will go over some ideas to help “reduce” damage and in some cases fix it.

Do you wake up in the morning with what looks like a matted ball on the back of your head? Is your hair one length but yet after about an hour of styling you notice tons of little hairs that are shorter than the rest sticking out all over the place? These are fixable, or shall I say after putting these tips to use you will get less damage.

All people should use a silk pillow case over their pillow because this allows your hair to move freely while moving in your sleep. People with thin fine hair get the most damage and therefore require this type of pillow case at all times. When you sleep you move around a lot thus matting your hair in the back. After time this will cause damage and breakage to your hair and soon you will notice that your hair seems to be getting thinner just in the back area. You should hand wash your pillow case in cold water and hang to dry, you do not want to get snags in it which would also snag your hair after some time.

Never use elastic bands on your hair, they get tangled easily and when you try to remove them they cause breakage. When you use hair ties you should make sure that they are not bound up too tight, this causes breakage also. In some cases hair will become too damaged and require some cutting and deep conditioning treatments.

Breakage is what makes your hair look like it has shorter pieces all over and stick out every which way.

This is a close up of a piece of hair that has been broken and is splitting, ergo split ends.


This is badly damaged hair.


When you brush your hair always start from the bottom and work your way up, this will prevent ripping your hair and breaking it. If you have a lot of hair it is wise to use a detangler. Johnson and Johnson’s no more tangles is a good product, good enough for babies then definitely good enough for you. Spray this in and start brushing from the bottom up. Do this every time you brush, I know it is time consuming but in the long run you will notice that you have less breakage. Continue this process of “silk pillow, loose hair ties, and brushing from bottom to top” and you will notice that as your hair grows you will no longer have this problem of flyaways. Till next time Good Luck.


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