Using Your Hair Dryer Correctly

September 21, 2008 by · Leave a Comment 

Many women do not use their hair dryer correctly and even though they may have purchased a quality professional hair dryer they will not receive the best results from it. Some tips for using that dryer correctly include; not holding the dryer in one spot too long, not having the nozzle too close, and always make sure you blot your hair dry before beginning with the hair dryer. Having a quality blow dryer is a key to good healthy hair, but not using that dryer correctly will hamper your efforts to look your absolute best.

Using A Diffuser On Your Hair Dryer

August 27, 2008 by · Leave a Comment 

You often are told it would be best to use a diffuser on the end of your hair blow dryer when you are drying your hair, but many women do not even know what one is let alone what one does in the drying process. The diffuser is an attachment that goes on the nozzle of the hair dryer and helps concentrate the airflow into a specific part of your hair. This is especially handy when your hair is styled or permed and you do not want to mess up the appearance of the hair.