Who Invented the Hair Straightner

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In the past few years the Hair Straightener has become one of the most popular hair styling tools which is used all over the world by professional stylists as well as non professionals, both men and women, to quickly achieve silky, straight hair in minutes with out the use of chemicals.

Famously known for the Marcel Wave, Marcel Grateau invented the heated tongs which would curl and wave hair, also known as the curling iron. In 1872 Marcel used heated metal rods to straighten the hair, and thus the Straightener was born.

Marcel Iron

Also known as a flat iron or hair iron the hair straightener has come a long way since 1872. With a huge variety of flat irons on the market today and more added every year there are many to chose from, all with various features.

Yes, Hair Straighteners are for Men too!

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Men are starting to figure out why women love their hair flat irons. The simple and easy to use tool is transforming the way your hair looks in minutes, a feature attracting both men and women!

A recent survey shows that more than a third of all Irishmen between the ages of 25 and 44 own a hair straightener. It’s no doubt as to why; a hair iron can give anyone, male or female amazing looking hair in a snap!

Who doesn’t want soft, shiny, frizz free hair after all?

Checkout the Karmin it’s a great Hair Straightener for Men.