Give Up Boring Cuts

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I grew up with a hairstylist whom my family was very devout to and also served as a second mom to me. I have never gotten a haircut from anyone other than my long-time stylist. I have mastered exactly how she works toward cutting hair and the exact tools she uses in the process. I have seen her in action so many times that sometimes I swear I could be her. But recently, I watched a friend perform a cut on a client and realized there are so many more tools available for stylists. It was like I came out of my sheltered styling life that I was living.

Although I’m not a hairstylist myself, Jeanette (my hairdresser) has always told me the exact tools that she uses on my hair and all the things I need to know about her process of styling. Since I have grown up watching her give cuts, I haven’t known there to be any other way to cut someone’s hair. It was amazing to me to see how much there is to offer in the world of hair salons and styling besides just hair scissors and hairspray.

My friend began her process with a fresh wash. She then moved over to her cutting station where she began her actual haircut with the professional shears. The shears she used were very high-profile and glided right through the client’s hair. This part of the process is the only part I’ve ever seen take place. The next part was the big surprise for me; my friend got out her “texturizing shears” and began creating layers upon layers of hair and removing excess bulk in the client’s hair. After she got all of the texturizing done, she moved on to the bangs. She styled this part of the hair but using a razor and running it through the ends of the bangs to take off split ends and excess bulk, once again.

I, of course, have heard of texturizing shears and a razor but I had never seen them in action, so I had never known the performance they gave. I was truly amazed by these two tools and all they had to offer. If you were in the same position as me and have never really had anything done to your hair other than a trim every time you visit your stylist, it’s time to get rid of the boring cuts. Next time you get a haircut, make it a cut, not just a trim, by asking your stylist to use her texturizing shears and razor to help blend some new layers and make your hair healthier and lighter on your shoulders.

How Many Times Can Professional Scissors Be Sharpened?

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One question many hairstylist have is how many times a pair of scissors can be sharpened and yet still get beautiful effective hair cuts while using them. A quality pair of professional hair cutting scissors if sharpened correctly can last for a very long time. Of course after many sharpenings it is important to make sure the scissors are adjusted properly to make sure the tips still meet. After being sharpened several times the blades and tips need to be checked that they are coming together as they should. For the most part though well cared for professional scissors and shears will last for a very long if cared for properly.

Chi Hair Dryers For Really Thick Hair

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If you have very thick hair sometimes getting it dry can be a long time consuming task that you wish did not take as long as it did. Chi hair dryers use only the finest materials to dry your hair and this greatly reduces the dry time you will have to get that really thick hair dry before you style it to head off to work or out with your friends. Hair dryers from Chi are some of the best available and are lightweight and easy to use whether you are styling your hair for the day or doing many styles all day long for many people.

How To Get That Curly Hair You Want

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To get curl into otherwise straight hair women have a couple of choices to go with depending on how often they want the look and whether or not they want to subject their hair to chemicals. Curls can be achieved through hair curling irons or via a permanent done at the salon. Perms as they are called will remain in your hair until it grows and the curl is cut from the ends of the hair and involve a long process using chemicals to add these curls. This is good if you want curls for a very long time and do not want to change your look too often.

The other alternative is to get the curl into your hair using a hot curling iron every time you wash and style your hair. Some women feel that this way is more time consuming than the perm and not the best option while others like the freedom this allows. Since the curls are not permanent you can change the degree in which you curl your hair each day or choose not to curl it all and go straight once in awhile. Really one way of curling your hair is not better than the other it is just a matter of personal preference on what you prefer.

Karmin Ionic Hair Dryers

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Karmin is one of the leading makers of hair tools and their Turbo Ionic Hair Dryer is no different. This dryer is designed for the professional but anyone who wants salon results at home will want to give this dryer a serious look over. This powerful dryer uses 1800 watts to blow heat across the ceramic coils and with the ionic technology it will dry your hair faster than any other dryer on the market. If you have not looked at the new professional blow dryers in a long time you will be surprised at how far they have come and yet are still affordable.

Staying Safe By Caring For Your Hair Tools

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If you have had your curling iron or hair dryer for a while you may want to take the time to inspect the unit and make sure it is still in good working order. Every year problems with hair styling tools cause hundreds of injuries and fires. Take a minute to check your hairdressing tools to make sure they will not make you another person who regrets not getting a newer model due to age on your current one.

Cords are always a danger point so inspect yours to make sure they are not frayed or starting to get pulled out of the unit where they connect inside. To help the unit last longer and keep the cord from getting damaged, never wrap it tightly around the unit to store it. This puts unneeded pressure on it, which will pull the cord, lose from the base.

Make sure the filter at the back of the unit is clean, a clogged filter can cause the unit to overheat and will shorten the lifespan considerably.

Take care of your hair styling tools and they will operate perfectly for a long time and you will not have to worry about possible accidents from faulty equipment.

Quality Hair Tools From Karmin

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For women who are looking for salon quality hair styling tools there is no better value than the Karmin line of products. Karmin hair tools use the absolute best materials to make sure your hair is at its best so you look your best. With the latest technology and materials your hair will benefit from the use of these Karmin hair straighteners, curling irons, and blow dryers as they will help you have the healthiest shiniest hair possible. Plus since these tools are salon quality exactly as the professionals use you know they will last a long time even under heavy usage.