Professional Hair Straightners for Better Results

August 1, 2008 by · Leave a Comment 

Too often you hear girls who complain their hair straightener does not work well, or flat out leaves their hair frizzier than when they started trying to straighten their locks. This is due to their hair being dried and stripped of its own natural moisture even before they placed the plates of the flat iron on their hair. This can be caused by many things such as; over shampooing, excessive heat when drying the hair, and too many styling products that are harsh on the hair and it’s overall health. When hair is already dried out damaged applying a hair straightening iron can only make the effects worse especially if the hair iron is one of the poorly made drugstore models which do damage to the hair unlike professional hair straighteners.

All hair can benefit from the use of professional styling tools and with hair irons this means using the latest materials and advances such as titanium and tourmaline. Using titanium plates on the flat iron provides better more even heating. While tourmaline is known for its negative ions, which will help your hair, retain its own natural moisture thus keeping your styling from stripping it of its precious moisture it needs to look shiny and healthy not dull and frizzy.