Karmin Salon Pro G3 Hair Straightening Flat Iron Before & After Pictures

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Getting to see the results of a hair straightener before you buy is always a good thing! Here are some before and after pictures for the Karmin Salon Pro Styling Iron. This hair straightener works great on all hair types, making frizzy, curly hair sleek, smooth and shiny!

Before After

My Hair Styling Tools’ Holiday Season Give Away

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Could you use an extra $1000 in Cash this Holiday Season?

We are giving away $1000 in cash and 15 hair irons! A total value of $2500!

Here we go again with another great contest, because well, we just love to give away FREE Stuff and we also want to make your Christmas gift giving a little easier this year!

Christmas is a big deal so of course we had to make the prize a big deal as well!

How to enter the My Hair Styling Tools Holiday Contest;

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On Dec. 10th we will randomly choose one Grand prize winner followed by 10 runner up winners.

Oh….the prizes you ask? Well, we figured since Christmas is really not all that far away we would hook the Grand Prize Winner up with $1000 cash and 5 Karmin Professional Hair Straighteners to give away as gifts to friends and family members for Christmas! A total prize value of over $1500!!

The 10 runner up winners will each receive a Karmin Professional Hair Iron to keep for themselves or to give as the perfect Holiday gift along with a special Holiday coupon code for $50 off and Free Shipping on any item on our entire site!

Giving the Top Christmas Gift of the year just got that much easier!

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Pros & Cons of a Wet Hair Straightener

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The wet to dry hair straightening irons are one of those items that sound to good to be true. They offer the benefit of cutting hair styling time considerably as you can skip the blow dryer and get straight to ironing damp hair. This sounds great to many of us who rarely have the time to spend primping in the mornings between work, school, kids etc..

However, we are constantly told that our hair is more prone to damage when it is wet, that we shouldn’t even brush wet hair so when it comes to using a heated styling tool on wet hair, what are the risks?

I decided to do some research on wet to dry hair straighteners, checking out everything from how they work to reading a ton of reviews posted by buyers, so that you can get the information you want and need without having to search the internet yourself.

So, whats the scoop? Here is what I found….

A wet to dry straightener works by using steam to remove excess moisture from the hair. The irons have vents to allow the steam to escape and evaporate.

With a wide variety of brands some claim that their iron will completely eliminate the need to blow dry hair where as others say hair must be 90-95% dry. Most users of these irons say from their experience that these irons only work on damp hair. I also read a few reviews where customers state these types of irons left hair extremely full of static and some even claimed that when they used their iron on their wet hair they felt a shock!

Many reviews commented on how well these flat irons worked for them in their humid climates as well as helped eliminate frizz where as others claimed there hair was left with more frizz and damaged their hair with breakage and split ends.

The higher the price tag on the hair straightener, the better the reviews although that doesn’t mean there were some nay sayers on the higher price irons.

Personally, if my hair has to be 95% dry to use a wet to dry hair iron I believe I may as well dry my hair 100% and stick with my Karmin Hair Straightener with which I know I’m safe. Besides, I prefer to blow dry my hair as this allows me to get more volume in my hair before straightening it.

If you decide to go with a wet to dry hair straightener, the best advice I can give is don’t go cheap and read reviews!!

The Karmin Hair Straightener is HOT!

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Karmin Hair Iron

With smooth, glass like plates that glide through your hair, leaving it soft, shiny and straight and an adjustable temperature setting making it the perfect flat iron for all hair types, it is no wonder that the Karmin Hair Iron is among the best selling straighteners on the market today.

Over the past few years this flat iron has quickly become known as one of the best hair irons available along side names like CHI and GHD. It receives rave reviews, one after another and satisfied customers are flooding the internet with comments and feedback on how much they love this flat iron. They love the fact that they can get professional results in the comfort of their own homes and not mention the affordable price tag! Owning a professional hair straightener used to be a luxury, but not anymore, thanks to Karmin. After all, every woman deserves the best and Karmin provides just that with their amazing hair straightener and its affordable price.

Looking for a Hair Straightener that doesn’t damage hair?

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You have finally decided it’s time to either buy a new hair straightener iron or upgrade your old one. Your main concern, like most women, if not all, is finding a hair straightener that won’t cause major damage to your hair. So, what should you look for in order to achieve this very important factor? I have created a list of features to be sure to look for when selecting a new flat iron;

  1. Adjustable temperature setting
  2. Ceramic or Tourmaline Plates
  3. Maintains a constant and stable temperature
  4. Uses Infrared Heat
  5. Emits Negative ions

Now for the easy part of finding the hair iron that features all of these important benefits! The Professional Karmin Hair Straightener not only features all of these important benefits and more but has quickly climbed its way up to becoming one of the best hair irons on the market! With rave reviews under its belt, it’s no wonder that every buyer is happy with their choice to purchase the Karmin Hair Iron.