Contest @ The Give-Away Diva

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My Hairstyling Tools has come together with Nicole over at The Give-Away Diva Blog, where she is hosting a give-away for a new Karmin Salon Pro G3 Flat Iron. Valued at $139.95, the Karmin Salon Pro Styling Iron is available in Pink, White or Black and comes with a Free Heat Mat/Carrying case too.

“The Karmin Salon Pro is perfect for both professional use as well as at home with features such as flash quick heating, a tangle-free swivel cord and temperature settings for all hair types. Styling your hair is virtually effortless and results are smooth, silky, shiny hair.”

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Karmin Salon Pro G3 – Before & After Photos

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Hey, it’s Erin from My Hair Styling tools and I tested out the new Karmin Salon Pro G3 Straightening Iron today and was very pleased with the results so I wanted to share them with you

! Not only does this flat iron work amazingly, with a high of 420F, heating up in seconds and leaving my hair super smooth and shiny,  but it is available in 3 hot, super sleek GLOSSY shades of Hot Pink, White and Black.

So here are my Before & After Pictures…..



Before - Back

Before - Back

And after 10 mins……..

After - Back

After - Back

My hair is so soft and shiny! There is no frizz or flyaways and it looks healthier!

The Karmin salon Pro G3 is available in early 2009 @ My Hair styling Tools.

How to Use a Hair Straightener

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I wanted to do a quick post on how to use a hair straightener because I get quite a few emails from customers asking how to get the best results from their Karmin Professional Flat Iron. Also, I occasionally come across someone who has never used a hair straightener before so this is for those of you who want to know how you can use your hair iron to it’s fullest potential and get the best results every time!

*It is important that you know a few things before using your hair straightener, such as having clean hair and using a heat protectant to prevent from heat damage.

Once you know what you need to do before you start, you’re ready to use your flat iron! Turn it on to the desied temperature and as it heats up follow step 1.

Step 1. – Section clean, dry hair and pin up with hair clips.


Step 2. - Taking your flat iron in one hand, grab a 1″ section of hair from the first layer and starting as close to the roots as your are comfortable with, put the section of hair between the plates clamp your iron onto the hair. Slowly glide the iron down the section until you reach the ends of your hair.


Style tip - If you have super curly hair blow dry hair straight before using your flat iron and follow hair straightener on the section of hair with a comb to help smooth hair as you straighten it.

Style tip - If you want a super straight look, keep the iron straight and let the ends come out from the iron. If you want a bit of a flip at the ends twist the iron in a flipping motion either direction when you near the last inch of hair. Twisting the iron out will flip hair out, whereas flipping it in will flip hair under.


Super Straight Hairstyle


How To Flip Hair


Flipping Hair Out


Flipped Under Hairstyle


Flipped Out Hairstyle

Step 3 - Continue Step 2. over the rest of your hair, section by section. After completing one layer, let down the next and so on.

Step 4 - When you have completed your entire head of hair you can touch up any needed areas.

Step 5 - When you have your desired look set hair with an anti-frizz shine serum or flexible hold hairspray.

Style Tip - If this is your first time using a hair straightener and you are a little intimidated, try using the iron with the heat off or very low to get a good feel for the iron.

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