Benefits of Ionic Hair Dryers

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Professional hair dryers now do so much more than just dry your hair for you so you can style it. In the past hair dryers were the prime suspect when it came to finding out what was robbing your hair of its own natural moisture. Newer blow dryers such as ionic blow dryers now do more than dry your hair and dry it out. These dryers emit lots of negative ions, which break down the water molecules to dry your hair and help your locks retain their own natural moisture in the process so your hair does not dry out and always look its best.

A New Look At Professional Hair Dryers

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Using an old coil based hair dryer on your hair will rob it of its own natural moisture that is essential to the health and vitality of your tresses. Of course if it has been awhile since you have looked into hair dryers you may be surprised to learn that newer dryers will not only not damage your hair, but will also make it healthier with the new technology advances which have occurred.

Professional hair dryers now use other ways to dry your hair other than blowing air over warm coils. Ionic dryers now infuse your locks with negative ions, which will break the water molecule down as opposed to just blowing it away with hot air. These negative ions penetrate your hair and will not only break down those water molecules they will also hydrate it from the inside out. This will result in hair that is not just healthier, but it will be more vibrant and have more body as well. The proper moisture in your hair can be the difference in getting the look you want and avoiding those frizzes that drive every woman crazy. Though these ionic hair dryers may cost a little more they are worth every penny.

What Makes Ionic Hair Dryers So Good

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What exactly are ionic hair dryers? It seems everywhere you turn they are the talk of every salon and hairdressing shop with everyone discussing whether they truly benefit your hair or are just a lot of hype to sell hair dryers. Negative ions are known for their ability to break down the water that is in your hair to essentially dissolve it away, not just blast it off with lots of hot air. These same negative ions are also great for helping your hair retain its own natural moisture so that frizz will be a thing of the past once you use these units. Whether you believe in the science or not, ionic hairdryers will dry hair quicker than regular models and they are much lighter weight and easier to use in the process.

Better Blow Dryers For Better Hair

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The blow dryer has come a long way over the years to a piece of equipment that blew air on your head to dry your hair to a fancy hair styling tool that will not only dry your hair, but help moisturize it as well. In the past hair dryers were large and clunky with the air being blown on your hair being just a slightly heated up version of the air around the dryer. This worked, but was bad to dry hair out, especially if the dryer was used often. This resulted in dried out hair with split ends, which tended to be frizzy and unmanageable.

Newer professional hair dryers are lighter weight and much more efficient at drying hair quickly and effectively without drying out the hair. Ionic hair dryers use negative ions to break down the water in the hair instead of blowing it away with hot air. By not using hot air to blow the hair dry the hair is able to retain its own moisture and thus does not dry out. This means a healthier, shinier head of hair free of split ends and easy to manage and style.

Ionic Hair Dryers

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One of the hottest new styling tools available are the ionic hair dyers, which are being, touted as the absolute best way to blow dry your hair. There are those who debate the science behind ionic blow dryers and feel that it is all marketing hype. Yet Consumer Reports independently studied the blow dryers and concluded that they indeed leave hair shiny and healthier looking when used and they dried hair quicker than regular blow dryers. Once you try out this ionic technology you will become a true believer as well in the effectiveness and quality of these blow dryers.

Taming that Curly Hair

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If you were born with naturally curly hair there are days when those curls just seem to have a life of their own. Taming them on these days can seem impossible and it never fails it is on these days you need to look your absolute best. Some great tips for keeping the curl tamed include not rubbing your hair dry, but blotting it with the towel instead. Then use ionic hair dryers such as the kind professionals use so you can effectively dry your hair instead of just drying it out. Dry hair tends to have a mind of its own so try not to shampoo daily and take steps to ensure that you do all you can to not dry it out when styling.

Using Quality Hair Dryers

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Nothing can make your hair frizz out quite like the humidity of the summer months. Your hair should be easy to maintain and style in the summer so you can spend less time in front of the mirror and more time enjoying your friends and the sun. A great way to avoid some of that summer inspired frizz is by using ionic hair dryers to dry your hair after the shower. These special dryers use ionic technology to dry your hair quickly and effectively all while helping it retain its own natural moisture, which will help keep it not only healthier but tamer as well.

What to Look For In Hair Straightening Irons

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If you were not born with straight hair you can get the look with the use of a hair flat iron. These easy to use professional hair tools will surprisingly take the tightest curls out of any hair type and leave it luxuriously smooth. Of course you want to ensure that the hair straightener you use is of good quality to make sure your hair does not get damaged and remains healthy despite the demands of styling. Some of the key features to for in your hair straightening iron include:

Ceramic plates – Irons using ceramic hair straighteners are much easier on the hair than those, which do not have these ceramic plates. Without them your hair is in direct contact with the metal and will be exposed to way too much heat.

Ionic technology – Ionic hair straighteners keep negative ions within your hair. Negative ions promote the moisture levels in your hair, which will help it remain smoother and keep it from being too frizzy.

Temperature control – Hair straighteners with variable temperature settings are an absolute essential. Control over the amount of heat you use to straighten your hair is vital so that you use enough to straighten out the curls, but not so much as to damage your hair.

If you shop with retailers who carry professional hair tools then the above features will more than likely be standard on the hair iron. Hair professionals demand these features and so should you.

Advances in Hair Straightening Irons

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Getting straight hair has gotten easier over the past few years with major advances in professional hair tools. Of course the biggest steps has been the creation of ceramic plates for hair straighteners. These ceramic hair straighteners are less damaging to the hair than old metal plates, which did not heat up evenly and damaged the hair. Most hair straightening tools utilize these ceramic plates now, but the difference between the professional hair straighteners and the cheaper models is how the ceramic is used on the iron. Professional straighteners are solid ceramic or even tourmaline ceramic hair straightener while the lesser models are only ceramic coated. This ceramic coating can come off the straightening iron easily which will expose the hair to the metal underneath and potentially damage it.

Ionic technology has also made hair straightening tools much easier on the hair and more effective at creating long straight locks of hair. Hair straighteners which utilize this ionic technology block harmful negative ions from your hair, and this leaves your hair smoother and dries it out less in the straightening process. The more you can minimize the heat damage to your hair with ionic hair straighteners the better your straight hair look will be on you and the more often you can perform the process without long term damage to your hair.

Professional Blow Dryers and the Benefits of Using Them

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You may think a hair dryer is just a hair dryer, however this is just not true! There are many benefits to using a professional hair dryer!

A professional blow dryer may cost you a little more than a regular hair dryer, however the difference in results are well worth the extra cash! Professional dryers come with many different features which will provide different results yet the main goal is a faster drying time and healthier, shinier, frizz free hair.

Some of the choices in Professional Hair Dryer Features may include;

  • Ionic hair dryers – Negative Ions work to eliminate frizz, dry hair faster and smooth hair.
  • Tourmaline hair dryers – creating more negative ions and FIR heat, Tourmaline works to cause less damage and help maintain shiny, healthy hair.
  • Ceramic hair dryers – ceramic distributes even heat, helps control frizz, reduce static and seal the hairs cuticle.

Even better, is that their are hair dryers that have all of these features in one dryer. Just as when choosing a hair straightener, you want to look for the best features and one hair tool that features as many as possible so you are getting the best hair styling tools possible!