Getting Curls With Either Curing Irons or Hot Rollers

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For women who want to add anything from tight kinky curls to loose gorgeous waves to their hair the two most popular ways to get this done is with a curling iron or a set of hot rollers. Most women prefer one method to another and really there is no real wrong answer it is a matter of which one you are most comfortable with.

Hot rollers have the advantage of creating curls in your hair where you place them and then leaving your hands free while the heat does its magic. This can help you speed up the styling process and your probably already hectic morning. Of course with hot rollers you do sacrifice some control but they do produce consistent curls.

Curling irons offer more versatility than hot rollers in creating various types of curls as well as the placement in the hair. With a ceramic curling iron you can easily just curl the ends of your hair or add a few simple loose curls throughout your hair for a look with more volume. There is no better way to curl the size and shape of a curl in your hair than with a curling iron.

Choosing Between A Curling Iron Or Hot Rollers

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Many women wonder which is better at putting curl into your hair, curling irons or hair rollers. Of course there is no right answer in this case it is actually a matter of personal preference. Hot rollers do tend to cost slightly more than curling irons, once all the rollers are in place the hair curls quickly, and you can do other tasks while you curl your hair since hands are not needed. On the other hand a professional curling iron gives you more control of where the curls go in your hair and many feel that despite your hands being required at all times they are actually easier to use than rollers.

Which is Better Curling Irons or Hot Rollers?

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Some women feel that hot rollers are not as harsh on the hair as a curling iron and prefer to use rollers to curl their hair on a daily basis. This is not the case if the curling iron is a professional grade model designed to be used frequently without damage to the hair. Drugstore curling irons do have a reputation for hot and cold spots, which can result in ineffective, curling and damage to the hair. A professional curling iron heats up quickly and evenly and if used properly is totally safe to use on the hair each and every day.