Technology and Funky Style with the Corioliss Ultra Slim SXE

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When it comes to choosing the perfect hair straightener it can be hard to distinguish the quality brands from the imposters. That’s why it is so important to pay attention to brand names and what brands are making the best hair irons, using the latest technology. One of the top brands when it comes to brand recognition in hair straighteners is Corioliss.

Corioliss hair straighteners have long been recognized as one of the industry leaders in the styling area. Known for their leading edge technology and funky patterns and colors, hair styling is fun again. The perfect hair iron for the individual who wants to express her personal style, there is a perfect Corioliss hair straightener for you.

The Corioliss Ultra Slim SXE is the perfect hair iron for creating any style. From curls, to waves, flips and of course sleek straight hair, this iron has extra long straightening plates that help you achieve all of these styles. With its 100% ceramic plates, the iron heats up quickly allowing you to get down to the business of styling right away. Ceramic plates provide a moist heat and far infrared technology that allows hair to straighten quickly and without damage like glass or metal plate irons can. And the innovated on/off remote control right on the cord eliminates fumbling around next to the hot plates and risking a burn as you try to turn the iron off and on.

The Corioliss Ultra Slim SXE also utilizes Nanosilver technology which eliminates harmful bacteria that can thrive on your hair or other hair tools. So not only is your hair styled beautifully but it is also clean from pesky germs and bacteria.

One of the best features of the Corioliss Ultra Slim SXE is that it comes in a wide variety of styles, colors and patterns so no matter what your personal style is, you can find an iron to reflect your individuality. Some of the original choices are an iron that has been created to look like an American Flag, there is one that is covered in skulls, a red leopard and of course the beautiful classic colors of silver and gold.

The sleek and ergonomic design allows users to create beautiful styles, effortlessly and without pain and overuse injuries. Many users find the slim style much easier to create flips and ringlet curls instead of using the bigger, bulkier irons. The slim design of the Corioliss Ultra Slim SXE also makes it much easier to use on shorter hair styles, bangs and styling fringe.

When you are looking for a hair iron that not only delivers in performance, technology and ultimate styling control but also looks awesome on your work station or bathroom counter, the Corioliss Ultra Slim SXE is the hair straightener for you.

Not Leaving A Curling Iron On Your Hair Too Long

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Many women tend to allow the hot plates of a curling iron to remain in contact with their hair for too much time with each wrapping of the hair. Generally most hair will only need about five seconds of contact on a quality ionic curling iron in order to effectively curl. If your hair is not responding to five seconds worth of heat on the strands then you are either using too low a heat setting for your hair type or the curling iron is not effectively heating up to the temperature specified. To effectively curl your hair you need to increase the temperature or use a curling iron, which can effectively heat up to curl your hair properly.

Using a Hair Straightening Iron

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Tourmaline hair straighteners are the best hair straighteners available to remove the curl from your hair and get the look of long straight luxurious hair. But just having professional hair tools does not make someone an expert at using them. It takes practice and know how to properly straighten hair without causing any unnecessary damage to the hair. The first step to using a hair straightener on your locks is to get a quality professional flat iron hair straightener to use.

To get flat straight hair with the flat iron do approximately 2 inch sections of your hair at a time. Start at the roots and slowly slide the section of hair between the hot plates until you get to the very tip. Start again at the new piece at the roots and slide to the tip. Continuing this process throughout the entire head of hair.

To keep your hair healthy despite frequent use of hair straightening tools you should use a mild shampoo and good conditioner to ensure your hair is well protected. It is also recommended that you use a cream lotion on your hair during straightening sessions to help your hair stay moisturized under the heat and look its best when using hair-straightening irons.