Safety With Hair Straighteners

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Many women are very lackadaisical with the use of their curling irons and hair straighteners and this results in harsh burns to their skin and sometimes those they love. Professional hair irons and curling irons have a temperature setting, which allows them to be controlled so that the user can control the amount of heat they are using. This will help them avoid potential burns on their scalp and skin, which may come into contact with the hot blades. Also at no time should a hot iron be allowed to sit unattended, as this will place a danger for everyone who happens to come by and may potentially bump into it and burn him or herself on the contact.

Getting That Curl Under Out of Your Hair

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Some people have hair that tends to curl under at the tips and this can be frustrating when you want perfectly smooth straight hair. A great solution to this is to use a hair straightening iron to get this curl under out of your hair. After your hair is completely dry use the iron to smooth out that curl on the end by slowly gliding the hot iron over the section of hair that is curling up and you can effectively get rid of that annoying curl up. For many this will stay put perfectly until the next time your hair is washed and dried.

How do I know if I am using a Hair Straightener Right?

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Using a hair straightener varies from hair type to hair type. If you have the kind of hair that no matter what you do it always looks healthy and shiny then go ahead, straighten, perm, color, it simply wont matter….YOU ARE LUCKY! If you have thin fine hair, never ever use a hair iron on full temperature, or any other heating product for that matter, you will burn your hair. Also, never use any kind of heating element on your hair until it is fully dry. Your hair will melt, and you will see smoke coming up from the iron.


From my findings, only very VERY thick course hair, “ethnic” hair, or that exquisite type of hair where it just doesn’t matter what they do, can use the highest temperature. Also, with this type of hair a hair straightener can be used on damp hair. ( Some reviews I have read will state that this is the only way to, in the long run, straighten their hair)

It is simply trial and error, but there is one strain of hair that absolutely, positively, cannot endure the risks of too much heat or having your hair still damp during hot iron use. That is thin….fine….hair!. It’s sad, I know, but fine thin hair is always the one you have to be wary of, well there are the “over permed, colored, frizzy types of hair also! They too have to be careful and use low settings and have their hair completely dry before attacking it with the heat. Excessive blow drying along with the use of any heating product is going to cause damage. Always start small and climb! Better to have used the lowest setting and not have to toss that burnt chunk of hair in your trash bin! burnt-hair.jpg

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