Handling Hot Hair Tools Safely

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Too many times individuals do not take the proper handling of hot hair tools seriously and they or someone around them end up getting hurt. Curling irons and hair straightening irons get very hot and these can result in some nasty burns to your scalp, hands, and neck. These electrical appliances are also usually used near a sink putting anyone in danger that happens to accidentally knock it into standing water. Be wary of burns and shock when you are working with your hot styling tools as accidents can happen literally in a heartbeat and cause major harm.

Hot & Popular Hairstyles for Spring 2008

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With Spring comes change! Time to update the winter hairstyle and look fresh and vibrant for Spring 2008!

Popular hairstyles for Spring 2008 are feminine and lady like with tailored bob’s, short blunt cuts, long natural styles and unique up-do’s. Hot hair colors for Spring 2008 are natural shades or the complete opposite and bold and colorful!



Either way, healthy, shiny hair is the look this spring with any cut and color.



The bob hair cut comes in many lengths and can be layered and textured. For a sleek sophisticated bob like the pictures above use your flat iron to achieve this look.

Weather you stay long or go short with your hair this spring, another hot look for spring 2008 is blunt bangs.


Again, using a hair straightener, this look is simple to achieve!

UpDo Hairstyles-



Short & Blunt Hairstyles -


For the younger girls, the Emo Hairstyle is extremely popular. This look is sassy, fun and can be done in many different ways to show off your personality!

Emo Hairstyle Pictures -