Getting The 2009 Women Hairstyles For Your Hair

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We all see the latest hairstyles on the Hollywood stars but for many it would seem like a dream to have hair that is so beautiful. Of course many forget that those Hollywood stars were once regular women just like the rest of us. The only difference between them and us is that they have hairstylists to do their hair for them before big events and for on screen. Of course the stars and the models on the runways are the ones who set the trends for the latest hairstyles that we all want but we can still achieve them on our own with a little guidance and the right hair styling tools.

For those seeking the latest 2009 women hairstyles there are loads of videos on YouTube showing exactly what they are and how to get them yourself. It does not matter what type of hair you have it seems there is a video out there showing how to get those latest looks using salon hair tools that you can purchase such places as My Hair Styling Tools. With these videos, the professional tools, and a little practice you too can find yourself looking just as good as the stars in Hollywood.

The Corioliss SXE Hair Straightener

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Nothing is hotter than straight hair right now and the no other hair straightening iron is hotter than the Corioliss SXE. Whether you have long hair to your waist or a cute bob cute a hair iron can really help you get the same look that is on the fashion models walking the runways and the Hollywood stars on the red carpet. From the internal workings to the external case this hair iron is well thought out and designed for superior straightening performance.

This ceramic hair straightener is ergonomically designed so that it is easy to use. Hair irons that are bulky or hard to hold will result in a less than perfect look. Since the Corioliss SXE hair straightener is so easy to handle you can worry more about your hair flattening technique to get the best look possible.

While the inside components include nano silver technology housed in high quality ceramic plates for an iron that will do an exceptional job of removing the frizz and curl from your hair. The science that has gone into this hair iron is to make sure you get the look you want without causing any unnecessary damage to your hair in the process.

Using A 2 Inch Curling Iron For Big Loose Curls

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Many Hollywood stars are putting large loose curls into the ends of their long straight hair to get a wavy casual look that comes across as absolutely stunning. These curls are easy to get by using 2 inch curling irons to create large loose curls that create body and style in the ends of your hair. You can use these larger curling irons to create these big curls not only in the ends of your hair but over the whole head as well. This can create a wonderful look with lots of body in your hair that others will envy.

Getting Hollywood Curls

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Many women dream of the large carefree curls that many Hollywood stars have when they are just out running around doing some shopping, and we wish we looked that good doing our errands. In reality you can! With a larger barrel curling iron, such as a one and a half inch, make uncontrolled large curls throughout your hair. This generally works best with what professionals call “dirty hair” or hair that has not been washed for about one day. This may take some practice to create these carefree curls so do not plan on it for a big night out. Practice on a casual day when there is room for error and you will quickly get the look down with ease.

Using Ceramic Hair Straighteners

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Many Hollywood stars are sporting long straight hair currently and this is a traditional look that is always sleek, shiny, and gorgeous. There is several ways to remove the curl and frizz from your hair but the most effective is by using hair straightening irons. The chemical treatments at the salon are just too harsh on your hair to often, and hair relaxing creams are just ineffective. If you want to use a hair straightener, then a ceramic hair straightener is much better on your hair than a cheap drugstore model with your hair being straightened by contacting the metal directly. Ceramic straighteners place a ceramic coating on the plates on the hair iron and this gives your hair a smooth surface that is much easier on your hair.

The ceramic plates on the hair iron heat up quickly and evenly so there are no hot spots on the iron or cold spots, which means that your hair will straighten, better in some places better than others. Many newer ceramic hair irons also utilize ionic technology, which will help your hair retain its own natural moisture so it will remain healthy and shiny despite the extra styling of straightening your hair.

Success Straightening Hair with a Flat Iron

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Sleek, shiny straight hair is absolutely gorgeous, and many Hollywood stars know this and wear the look often while out in public. Not only is it a sexy look, it is so much easier to achieve than most hairstyles. Really for a great straight hair look, all you need is healthy hair and a good professional hair iron to smooth out the hair. The emphasis is on good quality hair irons since they are easier to use and are much safer on your hair than cheap models that you may find at a drugstore which will damage your hair and leave it looking less than it’s best.

Once you have you have a good tourmaline ceramic hair straightener and hopefully you have a healthy head of hair, then straightening may take a little bit of practice to get the hang of the handling the tool. You should always start at your roots and the underneath layers of hair and slowly use the flat iron from root to tip in gliding motions. Work your way like this all around your head and from the bottom layers up and you will end up with a perfect straightening job every time with just a few practice glides.