A New Way To Style Hair

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During the summertime, the dark get darker and the blondes get blonder. Hair begins to change quite a bit when the sun shines during the day and I don’t mean the cut. For those who have a harder time getting their hair to gain better style in the summer, there are easy ways to solve that problem.  There are plenty of ways to change up your look in the summer. You can lighten things up or mix up the texture to match the hot weather. Surprisingly, you can do so without the use of hair shears!

For those who have darker hair, getting your hair to lighten up isn’t always easy. With the help of some home solutions, you can do it. Begin by grabbing a simple spray bottle that you would use to dampen your hair. Empty any liquids from the bottle that may be inside and replace the liquid with lemon juice. You can find this at any grocery store and it doesn’t have to be real juice from real lemons- just buy it in a container. Next you’ll want to add water to your spray bottle to mix up a solution. If you don’t add water, the juice itself will dry out your hair and cause severe breakage because of the strong amount of acid in the juice. After you have your solution mixed, you are ready for some fun in the sun! Spray it throughout your hair and enjoy this home remedy which will lighten your hair in no time!

If you’re ready to mix up your style for some fun in the sun, grab your spray bottle again. With this home solution, you can get a beachy wave look without having to actually go to the beach. Your solution will consist of salt and water and that’s all! It’s a very simple process too- some people add some sort or product as they do this so they can get a little bit of hold to keep the waves all day but it’s not necessary. Mix up your salt and water very well in your spray bottle so that everything is in an even solution. Next bend over and flip your hair upside down so you can scrunch it right. Spritz your salt water solution evenly throughout your hair and begin scrunching sections of the hair. This is perfect because it’s just like you stepped out of the ocean with beachy waves.

Now that you know the tricks to get great hair, try them out at home. Your hair will thank you when you style your hair each day and get compliments from others. However, whether you lighten your hair or make it wavy, you do need to make sure you use water  with each of the two at-home solutions. If you don’t add water, lemon juice and salt can both damage hair permanently. As long as you dilute each solution slightly, you should be safe to get your hair in style for the summer- and without the use of shears!

Using Hair Thinning Scissors

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Women with extremely thick hair sometimes have a harder time getting that hair under control and applying styles such as the popular straight looks that are so in demand. Ask any stylist and they will suggest that these women thin their hair to help it not only achieve these styles but to give it more life as well. Of course this is accomplished with hair thinning scissors that many women can easily learn to use on their very own hair. Why head to the salon when you do not need a full cut when you can just thin your locks at home with a quality pair of thinning shears.

Tamer That Short Hair

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Those with short hair sometimes have a harder time finding tools that can adequately style hair when there is less of it to work with. Some of the most difficult short hair to manage is when it is also curly hair. Short, curly hair often has a mind of its own and taming it can be a chore. A great way to bring those curls under control is with a professional hair straightener. This will help you avoid using chemicals to get the job done and pro grade styling tools can tame your hair all while helping you maintain your own moisture for healthy shiny hair.