Using the Right Scissors To Prevent Injury

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When most people think of carpal tunnel syndrome and other repetition induced wrist injuries they think first of the secretary at the office typing on her computer as the most likely to suffer from this problem. Of course some of the first cases were out of that industry, but it is definitely not a problem just for them. Hairdressers are a prime target for carpal tunnel and these other wrist injuries since holding scissors as well as blow dryers and more all day is the same type of repetition, which brings this health problem on and can possibly end a career.

Just as the secretary in the office had special products designed for her to help her avoid this injury during the course of her day the same goes for hairdressers and their tools. Companies such as Kamisori have designed their hairdressing scissors to be not only some of the best performing scissors in the industry but they are also ergonomically designed to prevent these injuries as well. These professional scissors are perfectly balanced and the steel blades will retain their sharpness for much longer than poorly made scissors. So not only are these scissors great for your hands but also your clients will get the best haircut possible.

The Importance Of Professional Scissors

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For the hairstylist a quality pair of scissors is the most important tool of their trade. Whether giving cuts to men or women it will only turn out looking its best if the hair is cut smoothly and precisely. Cheap scissors leave jagged edges and can cause possible split ends, but a quality pair of hairdressing scissors will remain sharp of cared for properly and will give a great haircut every time. Though they may cost more than many other shears those made from the best material will retain their sharpness and edge to create all the hottest looks.

Invention of Scissors

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It is most likely that the scissors were invented in 1500 BC in ancient Egypt. These were shears with the joint at the far end, cross bladed scissors were invented by the Romans around 100 AD.

ancient-scissors.jpg Ancient 2nd Century scissors

scissors_china.jpg Scissors from Chinese Tang Era 618-907 AD

In 1761 Robert Hinchcliffe produced the first pair of modern day scissors made of hardened polish and cast steel. He was reputed to be the first person to put out a sign proclaiming himself to be a fine scissor manufacturer.

An ironworks was started in 1649 in the hamlet “Fiskars” between Helsinki and Turku.  In 1830 a new owner started a cutlery works in Finland making hairdressing scissors with the trademark “Fiskars”. Fiskars Corporation introduced new methods of manufacturing scissors in 1967.

fiskar-scissors.jpgFiskar scissors 1967.

Most hair scissors are best suited to use with the right hand, but left-handed scissors are designed for use by the left. Left-handed scissors have handles which are comfortable to hold in the left hand.

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