Newer Hairstyles For Older Women

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So many older ladies get that appointment with the beautician and get that classic perm for older ladies and feel they have the best style for their age group. Nonsense! Older women do not have to get that boring old perm and live with a hairdo that is just no fun. There are plenty of great styles for older women which incorporate wavy locks from 2 inch curling irons as well as even long hair so be daring a work with a stylist to find the hairstyle which compliments your facial appearance as well as your lifestyle and get out there and enjoy life.

Pin Curls For Short Hair

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If you have short hair and are in need of an interesting hairdo for a special occasion, maybe you should consider pin curls. These small tight curls were extremely popular in the 1920s and 30s and make a great short sassy style for the modern woman. Plus these curls are relatively easy to create with a small-barreled ionic curling iron. The smaller the curl the tighter the curls you will have and so keep proper tension on your hair when you are wrapping it around the curling iron barrel. This is one look that is easy to create with your curling iron and can make your short hair very sexy for a great night out.

Updos For Formal Occasions

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The most popular hair style choice of women for weddings and proms it the updo, which is lots of curls piled on top of the head. The term updo is a kind of generic term that describes a hairdo in which all the hair is piled on top the head. Some have the person wrapping ponytails on top and twining them to create the updo. While others have the wearer creating lots of luxurious curls with hair curling irons and then piling them on top of the head with some strands dangling off the head. These are gorgeous hairdos, which are perfect for an elegant situation.