Taming Your Unruly Curly Hair With A Curling Iron

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Sometimes women with naturally curly hair have unruly hard to manage curls. These unmanageable locks can be even harder to manage than those of someone with straight hair since curls can be so much harder to work with. For those bad hair days with naturally curly hair you need to reach for a large barrel curling iron to tame those tresses. This may not be a natural reaction since you are wanting to tame those curls and get some kink out so it may seem a little odd to use a curling iron to put more curl in.

By using a curling iron on your unruly hair you are actually just using the heat and the large barrel to reshape your hair into its own natural state. The strands, which are either over-curling or straightening out are curled to one uniform size with the large barrel on the curling iron. It is also very important that the curling iron you are using is hot enough to be effective on your hair. If not enough heat is used then the curling will not effectively tame those unruly curls and get you looking good again.

Avoid Burning Hair With a Curling Iron

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The biggest danger in using a curling iron is the potential to burn not only your skin, but your hair as well. Nothing damages hair quite like excess heat so care should be taken to control the heat you apply to your hair to style it with a curling iron. First off always make sure your hair is completely dry before you begin curling it. Any moisture will scorch your hair if heat is applied directly to it. Also, if possible spend the money to get a professional ceramic curling iron, which will apply the heat in a more controlled uniform way to your hair.

Making That Curl Stay in Your Hair

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Sometimes the curl you put in your hair with a curling iron just does not stay very well. Maybe it is the humidity or even your hair type, but for some women the curls you create with your curling iron just do not stay very well. One simple tip if you have this problem is to try spraying your hair with your hairspray before you start to curl. For many women this extra stick before styling even begins will help your curl stay in place better. A little spray before you style with curling irons and little once you are done will go a long way to making that style stay in place.

Hair Curling Tips

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Curling your hair with a curling iron sounds fairly simple but it is amazing how many girls try and rush through the job and get not such great results. As with most things practice makes perfect so do not expect to take your new professional ceramic curling iron out of the box and get perfect curls instantly, though you may if you are very good with hair.

If possible you should look into a thermal hair styling protection product for your hair. These are designed to help your hair better handle the stress of styling with heat from hair dryers, curling irons, and flat irons.

Make sure your hair is totally free of tangles and snags before you begin curling your hair. You want the best possible surface to begin your curling with so take the time to comb it out well.

Curl only a small piece of hair at a time so that the heat can properly get to each strand to curl it. If too much hair is wrapped around the barrel of the curling iron at one time the heat does not get evenly distributed and the hair will not curl well.

It is also very important not to touch your hair until the hair has a chance to finish cooling. This will allow the curl to finish setting in, and touching it too soon can remove some of the work you put into it.

Mostly take your time and do small pieces at a time and soon you will be getting salon quality curls at home in front of your own mirror.