Using Different Curling Iron Barrels For Different Styles

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Different sized curls can create such a different look that having more than one curling iron size in your bathroom it almost a must for getting some of the best styles out of your hair. Usually 1 inch curling irons are the best all around irons for getting curl into your hair, but for larger waves or tighter curls you will need a different barrel size to get those different curls. Having two or even more curling irons with different barrel sizes will give you the tools you need to create many different styles of curl in your hair.

How to Wave Hair

June 2, 2008 by · Leave a Comment 


We’ve all been out walking and noticed the girl with the lovely waves of hair, wondering how we could have hair like that.


Most girls have natural waves where they just wash and go. Some of us it takes a little work. A lot of styling products, scrunching, blowdry styling upside down. Most of the time we just go to the hair salon and get a body wave which at least lasts approx. 3 months. This type of body wave does dry out the hair a little more than just the blowdry styling, but at least it stays for awhile.


You could also use a larger curling iron, or you can add waves to your hair with a hair straightener. A 1″ professional hair iron will make great waves that hold all day. The bigger curling irons work great because you can chose how big you want your waves. I found that using the velcro rollers did not work so well, they don’t stay firmly in and therefore produce loose fitting waves.