2010 Summer Hairstyles

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Ok, so it isn’t quite yet Summer however, one can never be too prepared when it comes to hair trends, right? 2010 Summer Hairstyles are much about volume, beach waves, braids, hairstyles with texture and updo’s such as the ballerina inspired bun.

Summer Hair color includes natural looking shades of red and auburn, honey and platinum and hazelnut.

Hair care during the Summer is extremely important. The hot sun can cause major damage to your hair, just like it can your skin, so taking care of it is crucial. During the summer opt for hair care products which are formulated to protect against the heat and UV rays as well as using a deep conditioning treatment once per week can help keep hair shiny and healthy.

Recommended Summer Hair Care products;

Aveda Brilliant Damage Control – Uv Damaged For All Hair Types

Tigi S Factor Serious Conditioner With Sunflower Seed Oil

Color Smart Protective Luminating System Reflective Shine Spray

Winter Hair Care – Hair Care Products for Winter

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Along with winter comes harsh cold winds, rain and snow. All of these environmental stresses can cause damage to your hair if it is not properly taken care of. Hair can become dry and brittle thus more prone to split ends, frizziness and dull looking hair.

To keep your hair healthy and strong during the cold months try changing some of your hair care products to hair products that will help nourish and protect your hair.

Try a Smoothing Hair Condtioner for dry, unruly hair as this can help manage frizz and fly aways. Curly Hair? Opt for a conditioner such as KMS California Curl Up Conditioner For Dry Curls. KMS Curl Up Conditioner is an intense moisture treatment to help keep curls soft and tangle free.

Hair damage prevention is also a must. Don’t forget about the hair damage that heated styling tools and UV rays can cause to your hair as well. Aveda Brilliant Damage Control for Damaged Hair is perfect for all hair types and works to protect hair from such harsh factors.

A weekly hair care treatment is also a must have all year round. However, the hair care treatment you use should change with the seasons. For winter, opt for a hair treatment that will add moisture, nourish and protect your hair such as a hair mask, hot oil treatment or deep conditioner.

Always be sure to choose products that are meant for your hair type as well. If you color your hair check for color protection, if your hair is over processed then you want a hair care product that will protect and repair. These days with thousands of hair care products to choose from, their are hair care treatments for every every hair type.

Reading Hair Flat Iron Reviews To Get The Best For You

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There are many hair straightening irons available so choosing just the right one for you can be a little difficult when you head to the store to get the iron that you will use to remove those curls from your hair. When shopping around consider reading reviews of irons and pay particular attention to the ones written by those who have hair types similar to yours and which hair irons worked best for them. Reviews from others are a great way to see which is the best straightening iron for you since you can learn from the success and failure of those who have came before you in the search for the ultimate flat iron to get those curls out of your hair.

Getting the Best Flat Iron

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There are several things you need to look at if you want a professional straightening iron that will not only get the job done well but will also work best for your hair type. Flat irons come in many sizes and materials plus each has different features, which they claim are the best ones to have.

For the most part professional flat iron plates are made with either ceramic of titanium and both claim to be the best for your hair. Of course both of them are perfectly fine for your hair and as long as both are solid and not coated they will be the best plate material for anyone’s hair. The size of the plate does not affect the irons straightening ability but for different hair types different plates are better. For those with lots of thick or really curly hair larger plates will get the job done quicker than smaller ones. While for those who have thin or short hair smaller plates will do a better job of straightening these pieces, which would slip out of a larger iron easier. The best irons will also have variable temperature settings so that you can customize the exact temperature setting you need to straighten your hair effectively.

Getting The Best Hair Straightener For Your Hair

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Many women ask what the best hair straighteners on the market are so they can buy the absolute best one and get that salon look at home. Really there are several great hair straightening irons available on the market but different ones will do better jobs on different hair types. To get the one that is best for you read reviews from users on forums and blogs to see who is saying which iron worked best for their hair type. This will help you buy the best hair iron possible for your hair type and get the results that comes from going to the salon but in your own home.

Using the Right Wattage Hair Dryer

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Most women know about choosing the right temperature setting on their curling iron or hair straightener for their hair type to get the best results. Many do not know they should also choose their hair dryer based on wattage for the same reason. Of course poorly made hair dryers do not have the higher wattage capability as the professional hair dryers have built in.

For those with fine or damaged hair a hair dryer of 1,200 to 1,500 watts is the best for getting the hair dry quickly and efficiently. This means that if your hair is in this category you will not need a dryer that is stout and robust, as other hair types need.

While those with very thick or wavy hair type will need a hair dryer with more power, so for these hair types a unit with a minimum of 1,800 watts will be needed to properly dry hair like this.

If your hair is somewhere in between, than a dryer in the middle ranges of these two wattage ratings extremes will be suitable to get the hair dry.

Having the right amount of power behind your hair dryer is essential to not only dry your hair quickly but to keep it at its absolute healthiest. This will help you get ready quicker and make styling your hair so much simpler.

Testing Your Hair Iron Temperature Setting

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Many girls hear about how curling irons and hair straighteners can scorch their hair if the temperature is set too high. Of course the big question for many is what temperature is too high? An easy way to find out if your hair styling iron is set too high is to use some slightly moistened tissue paper in the iron for a few seconds. If the paper gets scorched then turn down the heat on your iron and try again. Of course some hair types can take higher temps such as thicker hair while others like fine hair need lower temps. But the tissue paper test will get you in the ballpark so that you do not damage your locks experimenting with settings on your own hair.

Straightening Very Curly Hair With a Hair Iron

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There are many styling products and shampoos, which tout their ability to help straighten hair, and I am always being asked if these are really effective at doing this. To some degree these products help, but if you truly want straight locks then you will need to straighten them with one of the many professional hair straighteners on the market. These hair irons are the most effective way to remove frizz and curl from even the kinkiest of hair types. Not only do they work extremely well they also can double as a curling iron if you ever decide you want to put a little wavy style into your hair for an evening out.

Using the Right Temperature on Your Curling Iron

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It can be very tempting to just plug in your curling iron and start curling your hair once it is hot. But this really may not be the best temperature for your particular hair type. A professional ceramic curling iron will have a variable temperature setting which will allow you to select how much heat you need to apply to your hair to effectively curl it. Certain hair types or hair in a certain condition needs to use one particular temperature while other hair types will need another to get the curls in your hair. By using the wrong settings you can either get curls that will not stay put or worse yet cause damage to your hair.

Buying Curling Irons With Variable Temperature Control

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If you are shopping for a new curling iron one very important feature you should look for is a variable temperature control. Many do not realize the importance of using just the right amount of heat to style their hair. It is important to use enough, but not so much that the hair is being overexposed to the temperatures. Various hair types need various temperatures to curl effectively. Thin hair does not need quite the hot temps that coarser more full hair needs to effectively curl. Generally off brand curling irons do not have this feature, but it can be readily found in professional curling irons.

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