Avoiding Hair Damage In Your Hair Products

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Many women blame their styling and hair care tools for damaged and even thinning hair when actually they may be blaming the wrong source. Many styling shampoos and styling products contain chemicals, which can not only dry out your hair but also interfere with the overall health of your tresses. If you think your hair styling tools are causing the damage to your hair you should also consider those shampoos and products you are using. Be on the look out for those that contain alcohol as well as any other chemicals, which will ultimately dry that hair out.

Using The Best Scissors For The Best Haircut Results

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Split ends in your hair are something most women dread and hope they never get. One of the causes of split ends is the use of dull or blunt scissors to cut the hair and this results in a jagged edge on the ends as opposed to a smooth even cut. These jagged tips can quickly become split ends, which will result in hair damage that must be cut away. To ensure that your hair does not get split ends from a poor cut try to always use high quality professional hair cutting scissors that are well maintained and sharp.

Maintaining scissors is relatively easy and can make the hair cut not only a better one, but it will also extend the life of the shears. Always keep the scissors clean by wiping them down after each use. It is also important to keep the hinge lubricated for the best cutting action and to store the scissors in a safe place while not in use. Sharpening professional scissors is another story for most hairdressers. Getting a good keen edge is not as easy as it sounds and this task should therefore be trusted with a sharpening professional. Of course not everyone is really good at this so make sure the service you are going to use is experienced in hair scissors before trusting them with your best set for sharpening.

Causes & Prevention of Dry Hair

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At one point and time just about everyone gets very dry hair and though it happens to just about everyone it can also be prevented. Common caused for very dry hair include heat damage, stripped hair, and way too many chemicals. To prevent some of these issues from causing so much damage to your hair that your hairstyles do not turn out looking their best then give your hair a few breaks for a while. Let your hair have a chance to regain its health by forgoing chemicals such as dyes and perms. Also many women wash their hair way more than it really needs done. Cut back on the shampooing and whenever possible only use professional hair tools to style your hair.

Avoiding Summer Hair Damage

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There are so many things that women expose their hair to some in the name of beauty and some just because we do not truly understand the damage which is occurring to our hair. To reduce the damage to your hair consider wearing a hat to reduce the amount of sun it is exposed to. Also consider adding a little baby oil to your hair before entering the pool to reduce the damage from chlorine. Make sure you are using the right temperature settings on your hair straightening irons and curing irons so that your hair is not exposed to any unnecessary temperatures.

Avoiding Hair Damage

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Summer can be very hard on a girls hair so now that fall is approaching maybe you should consider steps to reverse the damage caused by the suns rays this summer on your tresses. One big step you can make toward healthier hair is a healthier blow dryer for your hair. Professional blow dryers actually not only keep from damaging your hair but models such as a tourmaline blow dryer will infuse negative ions into your locks to help them retain their own natural moisture. Your hairs own natural oils can do way more toward having a healthy shiny head of hair than any styling products available on the market.

Avoiding Hair Damage

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Healthy hair starts on the inside and works its way out, but damage to the exterior from cheap hair styling tools and products can destroy that healthy hair in the blink of an eye. Once this occurs than the only repair that can be usually done is to grow the damage out and this can take potentially months depending how high on the head the split ends and other damage is visible. Of course the best way to prevent damage is to use high quality styling tools and products on your tresses. Professional styling tools such as ceramic hair straighteners can not only style your hair but with recent technology advances they can now also keep your hair healthy for its absolute best shine and body.

Keeping Hair Healthy With Professional Blow Dryers

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Some of the most popular hair dryers for the professional hairdresser include the ionic blow dryer and the tourmaline hair dryers. These dryers are far superior to any other hair dryer on the market and can actually do so much to benefit your hair while you blow dry. These dryers can not only dry your hair quickly and effectively but they can help it retain its own moisture to keep it healthy and shiny. Stop drying out your hair and creating damage which results in split ends, get a professional quality blow dryer and treat your hair very well.

The Right Blow Dryer for Reducing Hair Damage

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Some women falsely believe the hotter the hair dryer the faster it will dry their hair and the better it will be for it. This is actually far from the truth. The heat it not what really effectively dries your hair, though it will dry it out and promote split ends. The power behind the air itself is what you really want drying your hair, and ionic hair dryers are the dryers of choice for many professionals. These hair dryers will quickly and effectively dry your hair without leaving it frizzy and dry from damage caused by too much heat.

Why Get A Tourmaline Hair Dryer

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When I first heard of tourmaline hair dryers I wondered what in the world they were. It is a hair dryer, it blows air so why does it need this tourmaline and what is it? Tourmaline is actually a precious stone, which has terrific ionic generating capabilities. Negative ions help your hair retain its own natural moisture to help it stay healthy and shiny even under the most demanding styling conditions. Tourmaline hair dryers dry hair quickly and efficiently without hair damage. You cannot go wrong when you can have a lighter blow dryer that dries faster than regular dryers.

Damaged Hair – Repair Hair Damage

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Having damaged hair can be distressing. You spend all your money on products that promise results, you style your hair, hope for the best and still your hair looks damaged in the final process. How can you fix your hair once it is damaged? Well, we will go over some ideas to help “reduce” damage and in some cases fix it.

Do you wake up in the morning with what looks like a matted ball on the back of your head? Is your hair one length but yet after about an hour of styling you notice tons of little hairs that are shorter than the rest sticking out all over the place? These are fixable, or shall I say after putting these tips to use you will get less damage.

All people should use a silk pillow case over their pillow because this allows your hair to move freely while moving in your sleep. People with thin fine hair get the most damage and therefore require this type of pillow case at all times. When you sleep you move around a lot thus matting your hair in the back. After time this will cause damage and breakage to your hair and soon you will notice that your hair seems to be getting thinner just in the back area. You should hand wash your pillow case in cold water and hang to dry, you do not want to get snags in it which would also snag your hair after some time.

Never use elastic bands on your hair, they get tangled easily and when you try to remove them they cause breakage. When you use hair ties you should make sure that they are not bound up too tight, this causes breakage also. In some cases hair will become too damaged and require some cutting and deep conditioning treatments.

Breakage is what makes your hair look like it has shorter pieces all over and stick out every which way.

This is a close up of a piece of hair that has been broken and is splitting, ergo split ends.


This is badly damaged hair.


When you brush your hair always start from the bottom and work your way up, this will prevent ripping your hair and breaking it. If you have a lot of hair it is wise to use a detangler. Johnson and Johnson’s no more tangles is a good product, good enough for babies then definitely good enough for you. Spray this in and start brushing from the bottom up. Do this every time you brush, I know it is time consuming but in the long run you will notice that you have less breakage. Continue this process of “silk pillow, loose hair ties, and brushing from bottom to top” and you will notice that as your hair grows you will no longer have this problem of flyaways. Till next time Good Luck.


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