Choosing Your Next Pair Of Professional Hair Scissors

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There are so many types of scissors available on the market for the professional stylist that choosing just the right pair for you can almost seem overwhelming. Of course once you know which style and type of shear is optimal for your needs and cutting style finding that type is not too hard. But for those who are starting out getting what you want to use can be intimidating.

To start with a pair of scissors need to feel good in your hand or just do not consider purchasing them at all. If the do not feel balanced and nimble you will not be able to cut hair as effectively making them a bad choice for your particular needs. Also deciding between right and left hand models should be fairly straightforward for most people. But beyond that the choices can start to get to be too much.

Important parts to look at and consider include the thumb grip, length of the blade, and blade type. There is no wrong answer with these scissors since it is a matter of personal preference. As long as the pair of hair cutting scissors you are considering are made with the finest materials so they will remain sharp the rest is up to you.

How Many Times Can Professional Scissors Be Sharpened?

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One question many hairstylist have is how many times a pair of scissors can be sharpened and yet still get beautiful effective hair cuts while using them. A quality pair of professional hair cutting scissors if sharpened correctly can last for a very long time. Of course after many sharpenings it is important to make sure the scissors are adjusted properly to make sure the tips still meet. After being sharpened several times the blades and tips need to be checked that they are coming together as they should. For the most part though well cared for professional scissors and shears will last for a very long if cared for properly.

No More Uneven Bangs with the Right Shears

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Have you ever decided to give yourself a little trim in between salon visits? Perhaps you thought you could trim your daughter’s bangs for her so you could avoid a visit to the hair stylist? If you have ever thought that you could cut your own hair, or anyone else’s hair, you are probably guilty of scissor misuse. Come on. Admit it – you’ve done it.


If you’re like most people who think that they can trim their own hair, you’ve probably grabbed any old pair of scissors that you have lying around to do the task. Oh sure, you may have grabbed a “good” pair of scissors, maybe a brand new pair, or a pair that you only use for cutting fabric. Using the logic that these scissors are sharper than any other ones. After all, you wouldn’t cut your hair with the same scissors that your kids use for craft projects right?


Stop! If you feel the need to cut or trim your own hair for any reason, you must have the right tools for the job. Just like any other job, you must prepare yourself with the right tools. After all, you wouldn’t use a screwdriver to hammer in a nail would you? Just like you shouldn’t use your kitchen scissors to cut your hair. Instead, invest in a quality pair of hair cutting scissors or shears.


So what’s the big deal? Why do you need special scissors? Well for starters, a proper pair of hair shears will cut your hair cleanly and smoothly. Ordinary scissors will tear, or pull your hair. They won’t result in a clean, smooth cut. You’ll end up with damaged and jagged ends. And even worse, your hair will be uneven. Have you ever seen someone who has really short bangs, and they’re still uneven? Sure you have. That girl didn’t use the proper scissors and kept trying to correct her mistake until she ended up with awful bangs. Don’t be that girl.


A proper pair of hair shears will make your simple trimming jobs easy and smooth. You will be able to comfortably and easily make slight adjustments to your hair, take care of any split ends or trim your daughter’s bangs. Of course you should still visit the hair salon for major cuts and styles, but little jobs can be done very well with the proper pair of shears.


Look for a student set of basic shears. You don’t need anything fancy, or any special scissors for thinning your hair, or texturing your hair. Keep it simple for your first set of shears. Look for the right set for your hand. If you are left handed there are scissors that have been designed with you in mind. Try them out if you can. Hold them and get a feel for them before you buy.


Once you have the right tool for the job, the easy trims will be simple and enjoyable and you won’t ever have to worry about being the girl with the uneven super short bangs.

Modern Looking Bobs

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During the 20s the haircut of choice for the really stylish women was the bob, and it is making its way back in several variations for women of today. Of course these styles start with a great cut using professional hair cutting scissors that are well maintained. The edges on a bob cut need to be sharp and crisp to look its best and only quality scissors should be used to get this cut. These modern bobs seen on the likes of Rhianna and others look great and are extremely easy to take care of and style. But be forewarned the bob really only works the best when it is on a sassy woman who is very confident in herself.

Making Sure You Use Quality Scissors To Cut Hair

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As a hairdresser the styles you create on your clients and their happiness with these styles will determine just how successful you will be at your career. Of course the building block for any style is the cut itself and this can only be accomplished well with professional hair cutting scissors. A good stylist knows that you do not skimp on your hair cutting tools and get implements that will not perform as well and will not get the results you need for great hairstyles. Quality shears are a real investment for a successful career that will end up paying for themselves.

Using The Best Scissors For The Best Haircut Results

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Split ends in your hair are something most women dread and hope they never get. One of the causes of split ends is the use of dull or blunt scissors to cut the hair and this results in a jagged edge on the ends as opposed to a smooth even cut. These jagged tips can quickly become split ends, which will result in hair damage that must be cut away. To ensure that your hair does not get split ends from a poor cut try to always use high quality professional hair cutting scissors that are well maintained and sharp.

Maintaining scissors is relatively easy and can make the hair cut not only a better one, but it will also extend the life of the shears. Always keep the scissors clean by wiping them down after each use. It is also important to keep the hinge lubricated for the best cutting action and to store the scissors in a safe place while not in use. Sharpening professional scissors is another story for most hairdressers. Getting a good keen edge is not as easy as it sounds and this task should therefore be trusted with a sharpening professional. Of course not everyone is really good at this so make sure the service you are going to use is experienced in hair scissors before trusting them with your best set for sharpening.

Avoiding Split Ends

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No matter what your hair type or even your desired style the one thing every woman has in common and dreads the same is split ends in their hair. Split ends occur when the protective cuticle around the hair ends is damaged or removed. When women have split ends in their hair it tends to look frizzy as well as unhealthy and not clean.

There is some confusion on what exactly causes split ends and by not understanding how you get them you cannot effectively avoid them in your hair. Some of the causes are prolonged heat exposure from poor quality hair irons, extreme temperatures, chemicals, and poor haircuts with dull hair cutting tools.

Of course long ago women would burn the split ends to remove them from their hair. Though this works, this is not the recommended way to get rid of split ends from your hair. There is no hair products that will magically make split ends go away so cutting them off is your best bet to get them and encourage new healthy growth in your hair. This should be done with sharp professional hair cutting scissors so that you get the smoothest cleanest cut to begin again with fresh healthy hair.

Using Quality Scissors To Cut Hair

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No matter how well you clean your professional hair cutting scissors and even if you store them properly they will eventually need sharpened. Since you spent the money to buy these high quality scissors you should highly consider using a service, which specializes in sharpening scissors. A good sharp edge is harder to get than it sounds and should not be something you attempt on your own unless you are very skilled at this task. Take your time to find a sharpening service provider that has a good reputation and can get the job done for you perfectly.

Hair Scissors

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There is something new here at my hairstyling tools…SCISSORS. Professional hair cutting scissors. One of the most important things to have when you want to be assured of a good quality haircut. The wrong scissor could actually be painful, depending on what style your wanting. Here are some of the new items we are offering. For item pricing you can go to our website My Hair Styling Tools


Included Items:

  • Professional 5 1/2″ Blue Titanium Hair Stylist Shears Kit.
  • 5 1/2″ cutting shear with finger rest.
  • 6 1/2″, 33 teeth thinning shear with removable finger rest.
  • Padded pouch.

Size/Teeth: 5.5 in. (14 cm) / 33 teeth
Steel Grade: Stainless Steel – 440B
Hardness: Rockwell – HRC60
Coating: Blue Titanium

Features adjustable tension control dials.



  • Top of the line 5.5″ Hair Shears with removable finger rest.
  • Triple tempered stainless steel.
  • Ergonomically designed handle.
  • Spring leaf for precision tension adjustment.
  • For right-handed stylists.
  • Velvet protective case.
  • Oil Lubricant.

Size: 5.5 in. (14 cm)
Steel Grade: Stainless Steel – 440C
Hardness: Rockwell – HRC62

scissors3.jpg Ninja Swordsman shears are made of the highest quality Japanese steel to maintain blade sharpness.

Included Items:

  • Professional 5.5″ Titanium Hair Stylist Shears Kit (1 cutting shear and 1 30 teeth thinning shear)
  • Protective case.
  • Oil Lubricant.

Size/Teeth: 5.5 in. (14 cm) / 30 teeth
Steel Grade: Stainless Steel – 440B
Hardness: Rockwell – HRC60
Coating: Titanium

I remember when I got my first “real” pair of hair cutting scissors, I was 16. I had no idea that they were priced from $ 100.00 to $ 1,000.00. My mom invested in a pair for me and I was the happiest new hairdresser in town. A good pair of scissors will slide cut like no other (you hairdressers know what I am talking about) A bad pair of scissors and a client wanting fringe around the face could send them away screaming.

It is very important to only cut hair with your scissors, and find someone who has had a lot of good feedback in regards to sharpening. I had mine sharpened once by some “unknown” I used them once afterwards and they broke. I found out it would be more expensive to fix them than to replace them. I was devastated. Took me years to get over…Okay slight exaggeration, but you get my point.

Your haircutting scissors become your pet, no one can touch them, and oh my gosh, talk about the first time I saw my child using them to cut paper AHHHHH! Yes, he is still alive, but I definitely got a higher hiding place, and well, a lock and key, can never be too careful!

So come and check out our new line of professional hair scissors, you won’t be disappointed. Make one your pet today!